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Silk noil was Re: [Fibers and Spinning/Crocheting

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  • Alexis
    ... noil ... Romanesque ... the ... extensively used ... (noil) or ... the use in ... Elsewhere ... Thx for the correction. Book title & ISBN pls!!! Yis,
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 9, 2006
      > I'm sorry. Soil noil is documentable. There is a piece of red silk
      > cloth in existence. It was found wrapping a Saint's relic in a
      > alter in a church in the French Pyrenees . I've got the book with
      > archeological summary around here somewhere. It was also
      extensively used
      > in mercery. About a third of all silk fiber produced was broken
      (noil) or
      > doubled (dupioni). Even in Venice, there were no restrictions on
      the use in
      > textiles for private use.. it just could not be exported or sold.
      > in Italy it was used in mixed cloth as well.
      > YIS
      > Beth of Walnutvale
      Thx for the correction. Book title & ISBN pls!!!

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