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Re: Hair care

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  • ketamina06
    ... along it more easily. ... The smooth cuticle reflects ... the oil-producing scalp than ... It seems folks are posting a lot of hair histories, and I d like
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 9, 2005
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      > > Different people have different body chemistries, it seems.
      > I would add to the idea of different body chemistries also:
      > * different hair physics
      > * different climates requiring different adaptations
      > Straight hair has a smooth surface and oil would probably slide
      along it more easily.
      > (That's why straight hair usually looks shinier than curly hair.
      The smooth cuticle reflects
      > light more readily.) More of a straight hair also sits closer to
      the oil-producing scalp than
      > a curly hair would.

      It seems folks are posting a lot of hair histories, and I'd like to
      add my own simply because reading all these replies has taught me a
      few things.

      I have extremely thick, curly hair. It's also a rich, vibrant red,
      the bright orangey red. The colour is my favourite part about my
      hair, otherwise I hate it. The curliness is so drastic that it's
      frizzy at times and I almost always have it in a bun.

      As a kid it was worse and I washed it every other day. Once I got
      older and didn't have parents after me to wash it (I hate getting
      wet and as a kid I despised bathing or showing), I started to wash
      it less frequently. I now wash it once a week and it's much longer
      (as I kid my parents forced me to keep it short because it was so
      hard to care for), and I notice it's much healthier looking;
      shinier, better curl form, etc.

      Anyway, through all this it was obvious I have a scalp that is on
      the dry side. By the end of a week of no shampoo, I get sllightly
      itchy. The oils are finally starting to disperse and my hair lays
      better. I can't go longer than a week without washing it (ick, I
      have a good sniffer and even if no one else can I KNOW it's time to

      I straighten my hair about twice a year, and after I relax it it
      looks fabulous for about two weeks... and then it starts to revert
      to it's former curl (even a relaxing doesn't initially take all the
      curl out).

      I began to wonder after reading all these replies... they make great
      shampoo for dogs and cats, who need the oils in their skin for good
      coat. THEY don't get itchy from their natural oils (but then again,
      they clean themselves with their tongues.. hehe). I just wish,
      knowing what I know now, there was a clean smelling and feeling way
      to keep my hair looking better.

      Needless to say, I rarely have an issue with clean hair during
      camping events.

      L. Keterlyn
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