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  • Amy Heilveil
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2005



      Below is the List expectations that everyone now gets when they sign
      up for this list... if you didn't read it when you signed up, read it
      now. Thourghly. Before you post anything else that is covered in

      *Pay particular attention to paragraphs 3, 5, 7, and 8*

      READ IT... *NOW*


      This group is organized for the furtherance of authenticity in the
      SCA. To sign on to this list means that you understand that the people
      on this list want the SCA to be more correct for the periods
      represented by its members (and that covers a helluvalota time).

      This means that you will be given advice on how to acquire a canvas
      tent or hide your nylon pimple rather than being told that it's okay
      to be in a nylon pimple at every SCA event you ever attend (which it
      is, but the people on this list would rather help you into canvas).
      This means that you will be encouraged to purchase and/or make
      clothing out of linen, wool, and silk - as these were the primary
      fabrics used in the SCA's timeframe - rather than using poly-cotton
      bedsheets to make your next chemise. This means that you will be
      pointed to cookbooks written in SCA period for suggestions of food to
      bring to an event rather than a Martha Stewart mag. This means that
      you will be given instruction on how to grind your own pigments into
      paints and where to purchase said pigments, rather than pointed to the
      nearest art store tube gouache. This means that you will be
      encouraged to do *RESEARCH* into your persona, your time period, your
      arts areas of interest, the country of your personas origin, and a
      myriad of other things. All of this is contingent of you asking for
      help and advice and please note that none of this is *required* you
      will be "encouraged", "pointed to", "given advice", and "given
      instruction" - not required.

      Do not become a blathering idiot and assume that everyone on this list
      is out to get you or that everyone on this list feels that the perfect
      kit is required to enter the SCA or any of its events. Do not whine to
      the list about it's high expectations. The expectations you hear are
      for the individuals posting toward themselves, it has nothing to do
      with you. No one on this list has a perfect to their period kit, nor
      is anyone likely to in their lifetime - and all realize and recognize
      this fact. The people on this list are not projecting their personal
      requirements onto you - they state what they require of themselves and
      what they wish for themselves; if you feel they are projecting it to
      you, you need to reassess how the post was stated and move on. The
      people who post on this list have high standards... FOR THEMSELVES.

      Occasionally people will post what they feel the "best world" would be
      - the ideal of everyone playing in the manner that the single poster
      would like. This is not to say that the entire group ensconces the
      view of this person. Nor is it to say that the entire group *expects*
      that one day all members of the SCA will become entirely correct for
      period in all activities and manners. No one truly believes this -
      it's a fantasy that many have and occasionally voice here because they
      are likely to *not* be laughed at here for such a view (unlike if such
      a thought were voiced at the local fighter practice).

      This is a group for those who wish that the SCA were more period
      correct, therefore, a lot of hopes are voiced here. If you cannot
      recognize someone else's hope enunciated but must take it as a
      personal affront to your kit at the moment, please lurk and learn but
      don't voice your hurt and indignation - it will only cause the
      conversation to turn into a large "that's okay *pat* *pat*" fest, of
      which there are a number in the archives already.

      And *please* go through the archives, the links section, the files,
      and the photos areas for the group - so many topics that re-occur can
      be easily answered with a simple search of any of these areas.

      We don't expect people to abandon their wheelchairs, glasses,
      orthopedics, or inhalers in pursuit of authenticity; health is more
      important than this game. We also don't expect you to spend your last
      $5 on linen for a veil rather than lunch, this would be stupid and the
      people on this list are far from that. If you spend your last $5 on
      linen for a veil, that is your problem and you need to sit down, think
      about your priorities, and rearrange them. The SCA is a game, if
      you're not having fun, you're not doing something right; figure out
      what it is and go from there.

      Nothing posted on this list is meant as a personal affront to anyone.
      No one on this list will require anyone else to live up to their
      expectations. The expectations voiced on this list are personal -
      those voiced for the SCA as a whole are an ideal dream which we all
      know to be very distant, and probably unachievable. But we can (and
      certainly do) try.

      And if you haven't gotten the message by now, this is a list for those
      who wish to improve the level of authenticity in their personal play
      and their personal kits in the SCA (thereby, raising the standards and
      the level of authenticity in the SCA one person at a time - we're
      sneaky that way). Don't ask for "perioiod" ways of doing things or
      'just for now' fixes - ask how it would have been done and go about
      figuring out your own method of 'just for now' if that's all you have
      time/money to do. "Perioiod" is one of the big obstacles of becoming
      more authentic to the time frame you have chosen to represent and
      study. If you are not interested in this, or you just don't understand
      why someone would rather have a reproduction of a 16th century wooden
      German chest in their Pennsic tent than a rubbermaid tote, you're on
      the wrong list.
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