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levels of authenticity and goals of this list

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  • Zenovia Kallipygia
    Greetings all, I ve been on this list for some time (mostly lurking) and have noticed that the issue of how authentic can I be and how authentic do I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2005
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      Greetings all,

      I've been on this list for some time (mostly lurking) and have noticed
      that the issue of "how authentic can I be" and "how authentic do I
      have to be" comes up from time to time. Everyone has his/her own level
      of comfort with authenticity and most of us are striving to find ways
      to be more authentic than we are now.

      I, for one, want to improve my authenticity, but as a recovering
      perfectionist :-) I sometimes struggle with my tendency towards "all
      or nothing". This can translate into either biting off more than I can
      chew then giving up, or not bothering in the first place because it
      seems too daunting. I think many others are struggling to find the
      level of authenticity that they feel comfortable with in both
      practical and ideological terms.

      Here's a suggestion in the interest of promoting constructive
      discussions, rather than threads where people state opinions leaving
      others to feel defensive and under attack when they really aren't (or
      better not be :-)):
      Would it help things to set up a message to be posted automatically
      say every month reminding us all what the list's goals regarding
      authenticity are?

      One example springs to mind: "We do not expect (or want) anyone to
      leave behind medical or other necessary apparatus (such as glasses) in
      the pursuit of authenticity. We do not expect anyone to spend their
      last $5 on linen for a veil (use it for lunch, linen can wait). We
      each want to achieve our own level of to the best of our ability and
      encourage others to do so as well. We espouse the opinion that real
      life comes first" [from the description on this list's yahoogroups

      This would hopefully allow us to focus on "what *is* authentic (and
      what comes close)" rather than the dreaded "you *should* be authentic"
      or the apologetic "authentic is awfully hard so I won't bother you
      with it".

      Just a thought,
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