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Re: [Authentic_SCA] points to Effingham... about that fresco.

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    ... Hey, every now and then I get one right. Effingham
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2001
      Jeff Heilveil wrote:

      > Yes, Effingam, it is Old Church Slavonic, or a derivative thereof. It is
      > also a fresco of the Last Judgement. Very impressive. I wasn't hanging
      > out to see what others thought... I was trying to get the house together
      > as I just found out that my in-laws are dropping in on Monday.

      Hey, every now and then I get one right. <G>


      > In Moldavia (Northern modern Romania, though it's own Feudal State by
      > 1359) is a monastary which was built around 1488 in a town called
      > Voronets. Oddly enough :-), the monastary is also refered to as Voronets.
      > Anyway, the entire outside of the building is covered in frescos (as is
      > the inside) which were done in the latter half of the fifteenth century.
      > By some odd stroke of luck (and decent shading by the forest at whose edge
      > Voronets sits) a lot of the frescos have manages to survive in excellent
      > shape. Note that that haven't really been worked on since period. In
      > fact, most references to Voronets are shocked at the state of the murals
      > considering the neglect of the building...
      > There is an awesome book called Voronets (out of print, no ISBN, pub.
      > 1969), which I can bring to Pennsic if people want to see. The entire
      > West Facade of the building is a giant fresco of the last judgement.
      > Keeping in mind that this area of the world had been run over by Mongols
      > for about 100 years and then faced with the threat of the Ottomans for
      > about another 100 (though the good citizens of Brasov would have had to
      > deal with them first...) it should be unsurprising who was picked for the
      > role of "those going to hell."
      > Thanks for the info on the hats. Haven't made it back to the files in a
      > while. Home computer is slow.
      > Well, back to the unpacking and moving stuff. AK! Too much mess. I was
      > hoping to stake out my garden this weekend as well (leaving a 16' circle
      > so I can practice putting up the Ger in the backyard, since Despina and I
      > have put it up a total of twice...
      > Cu drag,
      > Bogdan
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