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Re: Quality,Authenic,English Mens Clothing

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  • Qara Qulan
    [[ Queen Elizabeth s Wardrobe Un lockd is also an excellent book, but I m uncertain how much information it has regarding men s clothing; The author is also
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 5, 2005
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      [["Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Un'lockd" is also an excellent
      book, but I'm uncertain how much information it has regarding men's
      clothing; The author is also Janet Arnold.]]

      Basically none, but information on construction and ornamentation
      techniques is somewhat cross-applicable.

      [[There is also a reproduction of a Spainish extant tailor's pattern book by
      Alcega, if you might be interested in also exploring Spain.]]

      www.vertetsable.com has available for download several other Spanish
      pattern books. Many Spanish styles were also popular in England
      during that time, so if you see a Spanish style in an English
      portrait, you can often find a pattern on one of the tailor's pattern
      books. I strongly suggest muslins -- lots of muslins -- for the
      Spanish patterns, as many of them are peculiar by modern standards, as
      well as different from most reasonable attempts at late-period
      clothing. Vert et Sable is an excellent site for tutorials on
      specific sewing techniques used in period (although their Central
      Asian stuff is less rigorously authentic than the European) -- I
      especially like the tutorial on constructing elaborate trims from
      simple components.

      -Qara Qulan
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