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Re: Hiding Coolers? and Using chests as tables?

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    ... SNIP ... I generally do without non-period foods at events, e.g., no chocolate, and i generally prepare period foods, and i don t eat deli meat, even at
    Message 1 of 54 , Jul 1, 2005
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      >If someone can't go without coffee for a weekend, they have a
      >dependancy on caffine that would be considered an addiction in need of
      >clinical treatment were it to be taken in pill form and only available
      >with a prescription.
      >This is the *AUTHENTICITY* list, not the "I don't want to do without
      >my X for an entire event so how can I hide/make it through" list. I
      >can say these things here because the people here are supposedly
      >interested in doing things more historically correct. Yes, I feel
      >that people should be able to go without coffee for an event - even if
      >the event lasts a three day weekend or a two week war. Yes, I go
      >without things I *really* like, such as modern chocolate, when at
      >events because I feel it doesn't belong there. I am also not you, I am
      >not your mother, I cannot and will not force my you to obey my will. I
      >do ask to be respected for my opinion and considered for it rather
      >than belittled for my endeavors to be more historically accurate in a
      >society that claims to wish so and particularly on a discussion list
      >dedicated to becoming more so.
      >Cu Respectivo,
      >Despina de la stepping off the soap box

      I generally do without non-period foods at events, e.g., no
      chocolate, and i generally prepare period foods, and i don't eat deli
      meat, even at home.

      Nor do I drink sodas or tea (which is not period even for Near
      Easterners like myself). I generally drink plain water, other than my
      AM wake-up coffee. One cup is all i drink - a few years ago i used to
      drink a couple quarts of *very* strong coffee per day but i decided
      that was excessive. And coffee is actually "period" for a Near
      Eastern persona, such as i have ...while drinking water may well not
      be historically accurate, but i will continue to do it.

      Could i do without that one cup of coffee? Yes. And i think *your*
      implication that someone is an addict who needs medical treatment for
      drinking ONE cup a day was perhaps a bit overboard. (Sheesh, who was
      getting belittled here?) But i like to warm my throat and be alert in
      the early AM when it is often chilly, cloudy, or even misty here, as
      i generally volunteer to do the 8 AM shout on Saturday and Sunday,
      for which few heralds show up.

      I have no idea why you think i am belittling your endeavors. And i
      have seen no other posts from others that do - no one has suggested
      that there is something wrong with anyone who does without a cooler.
      Since you quote from my post, i can only assume that somehow you have
      taken umbrage with my statement that i use a cooler to keep my cream
      cold for my two cups of coffee and keep my cooler in my tent. I fail
      to see how that is an attack on you or your husband.

      Indeed, this is the Authenticity list. I am here because i am a
      person who encourages authenticity. I cook feasts entirely from
      historical recipes. I teach classes on period clothing and cooking.
      And i have a web page on which i share what i have learned with

      I admire folks who do without coolers at events, but i have chosen
      not to do so myself.

      I conceive of being at an event as being in something like a village.
      And within that conceptualization fresh foods are reasonable and
      suitable. I am sure that we each conceptualize camping events

      We all have limits to our levels of authenticity.

      Please respect me and refrain from accusing me of things that are not
      true and that i have not done.

      Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
      the persona formerly known as Anahita
    • Andrea Huwydd Lycsenbwrg
      A few random thoughts on fish days.... It isn t actually necessary to assume that because today is a Friday in 2005, it corresponds to Friday in 1275 or
      Message 54 of 54 , Jul 9, 2005
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        A few random thoughts on fish days....

        It isn't actually necessary to assume that because
        today is a Friday in 2005, it corresponds to Friday in
        1275 or whatever (in fact, because of the calendar
        issues, it probably doesn't....)

        When did Saturday become a day of abstinence in the
        West? In the early Church, Wednesday and Friday were
        the fast days, as they still are in the Orthodox
        Church. So whether you abstain from meat on Saturday
        depends not only on where in Europe but when.

        Was a fast day counted from midnight to midnight, as
        now, or from Vespers or sundown the night before?

        A pious Christian should not have been attending a
        party during Lent (or the Nativity or Pentecost fasts)
        anyhow. If he did, though, the hospitality rule would
        supercede the fasting: you eat what you are served,
        not put the host to extra trouble to accommodate your
        fasting. And if you happen to be the host, and others
        in your party are not fasting,well, interpretations
        vary. Ask your priest. And then too, if you were
        travelling the fasting requirements would be relaxed
        to some extent.

        --- msgilliandurham <msgilliandurham@...> wrote:

        > Dairy products and eggs, as far as I can figure out,
        > were allowed
        > on "fish days" except in Lent, and maybe Advent. I'm
        > still trying to
        > figure that out -- anybody have a good source?

        I believe that is correct for Western Europe in later
        period, based on the recipes for "tarts in Ember Day"
        which include eggs and dairy. (Ember days by
        definition fall on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.) I
        seem also to recall references in cookbooks to "fish
        days not in Lent" which imply that eggs and dairy
        would be acceptable.

        So there are plenty of ways not to fast during events
        while being a pious and observant medieval Roman
        Catholic. (Or Eastern Orthodox.) If you need to
        observe the fasting regulations mundanely, well,
        that's beyond the limits of this list, although I
        would be interested in discussing it offlist with
        anyone who has dealt with the issue.

        That said, an authentic Ember Day feast would be a lot
        of fun, at least once.


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