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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Question about "refined" period pirates

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  • Jeff Gedney
    ... the difference is, who is it written to ? Is the letter primarily to citizens of your own country, authorizing the voyage to draw support? or is it
    Message 1 of 8 , May 19, 2005
      >What sort of excitement did you want? The government giving
      >support and authority for a ship to go out and do naughty things
      >to the enemy is the government giving support and authority :)

      the difference is, who is it written "to"? Is the letter primarily to citizens of your own country, authorizing the voyage to draw support? or is it primarily for the purpose of giving official imprimature to the voyage to explain and excuse the actions to another government as "official" if the privateer is caught?
      Most "Privateer type" Letters from the 1650-1850 era are of the latter type, and most of the early Period ones are of the former.

      I maintain that that is a critical distinction.
      A letter primarily to your own citizens does not have the same eaim and intents as one that it primarily to another government.

      >As with many things in the Middle Ages (shoes, contracts,
      >whatnot) later on more sophisticated additions and improvements
      >were worked in. I think if someone showed me a letter of marque
      >that read just like one from 1700 but was dated 1200, I'd suspect
      >it was a fake.

      but I think that in this case it is more of a categorical difference.
      They played tennis in period, but the shoes they wore, while period, are not likely to be what our modern mind sees when we think of "tennis shoes".
      Simialrly, while these letters may serve some of the same functions ( authorization and support ) as the letters we have in mind when we say "letters of marque" we consider they are different enough in intent and construction as to not really be in the same category as more modern and "usual" Letters.

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