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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Siluco-Norman Garb Question

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  • Tiffany Brown
    Firstly, there s a mailing list for 12th C clothing (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/12thcenturygarb), a few members of which are interested in Sicily. No
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2005
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      Firstly, there's a mailing list for 12th C clothing
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/12thcenturygarb), a few members of
      which are interested in Sicily. No guarantees on answers (I think a
      lot of people are still learning), but at least you'll lhave company
      to learn with. I am aware of no-one who specilises in this exact era
      and place from a clothign viewpoint, and expect i probably would have
      if there was a world class expert.

      There's a book "travels with a medieval queen" by Mary Tailor Simetti
      which deals with LATE 12th C sicily with some illustrations - a
      starting place for the feel of the place at the time with many
      original illustrations reproduced *unfortunately 14th C illustrations
      are given the same credence and poor labelling as 12th C ones - be
      careful). One of your important decisions would seem to be what
      racial group you were from - norman nobility, greek scholar, arabic
      trader, local italian, etc There is also a work by 'hugo falconis' in
      hte late 12th C which has soem references to clothing. I expect that
      with more work you can find earlier such works.

      I don't think there particularly is any extant non-clerical clothing
      known from this era Sicily, but there will be a number of pictures if
      you are willing to dig at university libraries and use interlibrary
      loan. Search for terms like "early romanesque sicily". In form,
      these garments will be t-tunics for the norman's, often close in form
      to those of Roger, but of less rich fabrics and decoration. The
      particular cut of his neckline is probably a byzantine influence, but
      appears to have been known in europe for a while before the garment,
      but you may wish to use a less controversial conventional keyhole
      neckline. I'd reccomend using the garment as a cutting layout, and
      pictorial evidence to decide how to decorate and accesorise your

      I expect mid 12th C sicilian norman gentlemen to be wearing braes
      under hose. I'm not sure about earlier, but if you can find pictures,
      the difference between hose and pants should be easy to see. As for
      cut - I'm still wondering/reseraching what a very accurate late 12th C
      hose cut is, so early 12th C will be that much harder if you're
      interested in high authenticity and very limited localities.

      mid to late 12th C English lady

      On Apr 1, 2005 12:56 PM, Marc Lauterbach <mllaut@...> wrote:
      > Hey folks,
      > I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of Norman
      > Sicilian garb from the late 11th through 12th centuries. I am of
      > course familiar with the famous coronation vestments of Roger II of
      > Sicily, but as those are for court wear, I'd like something a little
      > more "everyday." I know that the Normans wore tunics and whatnot, but
      > I was wondering what kind of legwear they had. Would they have worn
      > chausses and braes or are those more of a late 12th-13th century
      > thing? Any help finding Siluco-Norman or Norman garb links would be
      > greatly appreceated. Thanks!
      > Matthaeus
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