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Re: [Authentic_SCA] fur help

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  • Elizabeth Walpole
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      > Hi guys,
      > So, a co-worker brought me a mink jacket and short cape that belonged
      > to her aunt that she just wanted to get rid of. I'm looking for
      > ideas for a project (packing them up and shipping them to anyone is
      > not going to happen ;) You're SOL on that suggestion!). There's not
      > enough to line a cloak, which was my first thought. I already have a
      > fur-lined muff being embroidered for me by a friend and he has the
      > fur for it (yeah, I have REALLY nice friends).
      > So, what would a French merchant's daughter in 1485 do with a bunch
      > of fur? Her alter-ego is pretty fried at the moment and is just not
      > coming up with ideas.
      > Thanks,
      > Isabeau
      lining a houpellande (or whatever type of gown your persona usually wears)
      or at least around the edges where it shows. You don't feel like moving
      ahead half a century do you? coz they would make a fabulous pair of Tudor
      Elizabeth Beaumont Elizabeth Walpole
      in OR in
      Politarchopolis, Lochac Canberra, Australia
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