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RE: Seasonal Question- Snowmen

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  • Catelli, Ann
    ... Northern Italy, snowball scene of adults. AC
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 29, 2004
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      > >snowballs & a snowball fight--No. Italy, maybe around
      > Milano, a fresco
      > >with lords & ladies in oppelandes, bag sleeves on all of them.
      > I lost you... are you saying that there IS a scene of adults
      > in a snowball
      > fight (perhaps mistyping "No" where you meant "Yes")? I have
      > a scene of
      > children in a snowball fight, BTW. You can see it in my Photos folder
      > (Titled "Willow's"). BTW, I note that we are at 95% capacity
      > for our Photos
      > section. Perhaps old or duplicate stuff could be deleted or optimized?
      > - Willow MacPherson

      Northern Italy, snowball scene of adults.

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