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Re: St Jude

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  • ketamina06
    ... it would ... cause when ... comfortable ... not start ... should ... www.willowsplace.com ... I have a soft spot for St Jude for two reasons: When I was
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 2, 2004
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      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, Willow Polson <willow@c...>
      > Personally, although the "lost causes" thing is rather funny, IMO
      it would
      > lend negative energy to the group, basically calling it a "lost
      cause" when
      > it should be anything but. Prolly just me, but I'd be more
      > naming it something more positive and forward/upward looking and
      not start
      > it from the position of being forever hopeless, especially if it
      > become wildly sucessful in the future.
      > -- Willow MacPherson
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      I have a soft spot for St Jude for two reasons:

      When I was young, around 12 or so, I spent a lot of time with a
      stepmother who was devoutly Catholic. She always made fun of me and
      my odd ideas, and said St Jude would have been 'perfect' for me.

      And then, a few years ago when I met my husband, I discovered a few
      months after we'd met that his patron saint was St Jude. He'd gone
      to Catholic school until he was highschool aged.

      To make this post have some reference to the discussion... I
      personally feel that simply because St Jude represents 'lost causes'
      and the like, I don't think that means he carries them about as a
      bad thing. Rather, these lost causes are no longer lost, these
      unrealized dreams are realized, etc.

      Just a couple coppers thrown in from my general direction. :)

      L. Keterlyn LaFave
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