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Re: Merovingian, was RE: Pennsic Projects

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  • ennoguent
    ... Are you thinking of a different style? I don t have Boucher so I can t look at what you re talking about, but afaik, the sleeves of the overgown/caftan are
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2004
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      > From: "Arianne de Chateaumichel" <arianne@...>

      > Um, I hate to say this, but the latest research I've read on the subject of Merovingian
      > clothing has Merovingian women in floor-length gowns, unlike the 60's and 70's era
      > renditions. It certainly makes more sense considering the social and climatic situation
      > at the time and locale and fits with the remaining artworks from the time (several are
      > copied in Boucher's _20,000 Years of Fashion_), all of which show the women in
      > floor-length gowns. The researchers still have the short-sleeved overgown layer with
      > separate sleeves sewn on, while to me the artworks look like a wide rectangle,
      > approximately elbow to elbow, got belted in (there's a good example of what I mean on
      > p. 155 of Boucher, the piece from the 8th c. Altar of Ratchis, where the Madonna's
      > "sleeves" follow the exact same line as the 4th c. diptych of "Serena" and family on p.
      > 146 of the same book. So, no short skirts for proper Merovingian women, and don't
      > leave off the long-sleeved gown underneath either!

      Are you thinking of a different style? I don't have Boucher so I can't
      look at what you're talking about, but afaik, the sleeves of the
      overgown/caftan are always pictured as long. I have heard the undertunic
      long/short controversy before. I honestly don't think we'll ever have
      this answered conclusively. Recently, I have also heard that the
      undertunic may have been sleeveless, which makes sense if it's either
      borrowed from the Roman tunica style, or perhaps a peplos dress (which
      I've done for convenience' sake long before I heard of this).

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