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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: wearing garb while traveling

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    Anyway I can get a copy of that handout? Ro http://www.livejournal.com/users/ladyrowansplace/ ... From: wodeford To:
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      Anyway I can get a copy of that handout?


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      > --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "Anthony J. Bryant"
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      > > God help me, it's all I can do to keep from saying, "No, you
      > obviously don't,
      > > and it clearly isn't." But, damn, it's hard to deal with people who
      > aren't
      > > following ILLUSTRATED examples and clearly laid out instructions
      > and patterns,
      > > and think they're doing it right (and you wouldn't believe how
      > wrong some of the
      > > things were), and they expect to be told -- in essence -- "Well
      > done, thou good
      > > and faithful servant."
      > Then there was the day I met some folks at a recent event. They
      > proceeded to slam a rival household for being inauthentic. I looked
      > at this assemblage of people in modern martial arts clothing and
      > vintage kimono which rendered them virtually indistinguishable from
      > said rivals, refrained from scratching my head and said something
      > benign about people coming to the SCA for different reasons and
      > having a good time. "Lady Makiwara" showed up at June Crown, attended
      > morning court from a highly visible position (on the ground, on the
      > aisle) where she could show these "authenticists" how one properly
      > deports oneself before royalty with much kneeling and face planting.
      > She also spent a couple of hours at the Clothier's Guild advice table
      > and tactfully made sure her specially prepared handout on resources
      > for Japanese re-enactors got into one of these people's hands. "Have
      > you seen this? This is a really great website. And this book is
      > really good. Yes, take a couple of copies for your friends!"
      > I pointed them at the clue machine. I handed them a quarter. What
      > they do with it is up to them.
      > Jehanne
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