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Re: Terms of Endearment

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  • sismith42
    ... so, Car-e-see-mah ? (or car-e-see-may ?) Thanks! ... aww! That s about right, given my circumstances (yay distance... not!) ... kay :-) I bow to your
    Message 1 of 11 , May 13, 2004
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      > > Neat! And how would one pronounce these?
      > "karissima" = pretty much as it's spelled, emphasis on the second

      so, "Car-e-see-mah" ? (or car-e-see-may"?) Thanks!

      > Well... there's "speratus" (m.) and "sperata" (f.), which literally
      > means "the hoped-for one" but can also mean "betrothed." The verb

      aww! That's about right, given my circumstances (yay distance... not!)

      > "sponsus/a" seems to be the most commonly used, so that's what I would
      > go for if I were you. :-)

      kay :-) I bow to your knowledge

      > >Cheers,
      > >
      > >Estevana
      > >
      > Oh, I LOVE it!! That's so pretty -- when did you decide on that name? :-)

      Thanks! Maybe a week ago for sure (I''ve been thinking about it for a month or
      so, and want to try it at an event before registering it, but yeah... yay for weird
      variations of "Stephania, eh?)

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