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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Persona story (was re: Gelato and is this too far fetched?)

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  • Heather Rose Jones
    ... Also Wenthlian(a) , Wenthian(a) . Tangwystyl -- ***** Heather Rose Jones hrjones@socrates.berkeley.edu *****
    Message 1 of 6 , May 11, 2004
      At 12:39 PM +1200 5/12/04, Jennifer Geard wrote:
      >Affrick wrote:
      >> I don't know what would likely have happened to Gwenllian in English
      >> or Italian or Latin [...]
      >I'm writing in haste without access to my sources, but look for
      >"Wentlian" in English and "Wentliana" in Latin sources.
      >I encountered one of these in the 1327 Lay Subsidy for Gloucestershire,
      >and the other on a brass which looked mid-late 15th-century. It caught
      >my attention because the "tl" wasn't too dreadful a transcription of
      >the Welsh "ll".

      Also "Wenthlian(a)", "Wenthian(a)".

      Heather Rose Jones
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