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Re: Period chilldproofing: was Poison storage

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  • Maura Folsom
    ... some ... invented (or ... outcry today ... period people ... people do ... explore ... Precisely. I think that limiting the child s freedom to explore
    Message 1 of 22 , Feb 28, 2004
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, bronwynmgn@a... wrote:

      > Then of course, there is the fact that people in the middle ages had
      > better ideas than we do of ways to keep kids safe. After all, they
      invented (or
      > at least widely used) leading-strings, while there is still an
      outcry today
      > when anyone recommends using child leashes. In this sense, the
      period people
      > had a beter idea of how to keep an active toddler safe than some
      people do
      > today, who are more concerned about "limiting the child's freedom to
      > (Isn't that sort of the point in this case?).

      Precisely. I think that limiting the child's freedom to explore things
      that can cause them harm is a creditable idea, frankly. My mom used
      leashes (she calls them "Angel straps") on all 3 of us, and they saved
      our little lives on several occasions. Mine in particular, back when
      shopping malls were not designed as nerf universes: I slipped free of
      mom's hand and ran right between the bars of an upper story railing,
      and the only thing that caught me was my mother's wrist through the
      loop of the leash. She was terrified, but I was fine.

      Oh - one *can* still get safety 'leashes' (they are labelled as
      "Safety Harnesses"). I have 2, a small red "elmo" one and a larger one
      given me by my SIL who waited to long to get her son used to using
      one. Given the above incident, plus some I witnessed with my brother
      and sister, I am ALL FOR using period methods to keep my son safe.

      Obligatory authenticity content: I'm making (read: planning to, but
      still tinking about the specifics) a set of leading strings out of a
      wide, embroidered looking trim, which will probably fasten with
      buckles attached using small patches of leather.

      I'd like to make them as period as possible, but I have not seen any
      pictures of period child harnesses, though I have heard that they DID
      exist, and some still do... DOes anyone have images that I can use for
      a source? My man and our son are mostly 16th century.

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