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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Fwd: Lady Jehanne de Wodeford's greetings

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  • L Joseph
    ... I forgot much of my high school Spanish, but I d guess that was a thank you. In period dialect, no less? ... Bloody Saracens. Not only are they infidels
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 16, 2001
      --- Stephen Higa <mitsuo@...> wrote:
      > Mucho vos lo gradesco.
      I forgot much of my high school Spanish, but I'd guess
      that was a "thank you." In period dialect, no less?
      > Hee hee, my friend and I are always lamenting the
      > lack of ANYTHING
      > (ethnically accurate--not even necessarily
      > period--dancing and
      > costume, clothing) in the belly-dancers' circle.
      Bloody Saracens. Not only are they infidels but they
      keep everyone up at night with their thumping and
      wriggling. ;->

      "Q: What is the difference between God and a dumbek
      A: God doesn't THINK he's can play the dumbek."

      > Well, rest assured that I do only period music.
      > Most from around my period (12th c.) and in my
      > area (Spain).
      I'll be interested to hear it. Not that I can't
      appreciate a clever filk, but there are plenty of
      folks already DOING that. My friend Ana does songs and
      stories in Spanish and is expressive enough I can
      usually get what they're about before she offers the
      > Good! My dream is to put on a Mystery or Passion
      > play, so we may recruit you guys for that. :) My
      > other dream is to re-create a medieval Andalusian
      > entertainment night with music, poetry, shadow-
      > plays, dancers, etc... :)

      Sounds like it could be fascinating. (A friend who
      recently decided to do a Japanese persona thinks he'd
      some day like to put on a Noh play.) Anyway, I'll more
      than likely stand back and observe at my first few
      Western events and get a feel for the SCA culture out
      there before I begin stirring up trouble, eh?

      Jehanne de Wodeford, Rusted Woodlands (EAST)

      When longbows are outlawed, only outlaws will have longbows.

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