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Re: [Authentic_SCA] sewing kits

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  • Elizabeth Walpole
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      Subject: [Authentic_SCA] sewing kits

      > Hello all!
      > I'm wondering if anyone has good pictorial or verbal documentation
      > for what was in a noblewoman's sewing kit in late 16th century
      > England. Also, what form did that kit take: basket, box, pouch?
      > Thank you.
      > Oh, and if anyone has the same information for mid-15th century
      > England, you may have my first born.
      > Kass

      Is this first born exchangeable for cash (i.e. they claim a child takes
      about $1 million to raise from birth to college so I think that would be a
      fair measure *g*). Anyway have you tried asking Historic Enterprises for
      their documentation? as I know they sell a complete sewing kit (somehow I
      think buying something may help though)

      Elizabeth Beaumont
      Elizabeth Walpole
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