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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: online fabric purchasing & international shipping

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  • Elizabeth Walpole
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      > >well you can add fashionfabricsclub.com to the list of companies that
      > >ship overseas (which I'm really annoyed about, especially as they don't
      > >it clear until you get to the checkout, but if they don't want to accept
      > >money from the other 90% of the world's population that's their bad luck)
      > >Elizabeth
      > >
      > You might try writing to them, perhaps they just haven't automated
      > the process... do they not want to ship overseas? Or have trouble
      > accepting foreign currency You might be able to pay by penpal... or
      > find someone in the US that will take your check and pay them for you.
      > Ranvaig

      Nope, I did write to them they won't ship internationally (& with credit
      card facilities it currency differences don't affect them), I found lots of
      stuff really cheap & probably would have bought more than 1 order but that's
      their bad luck (unfortunately it's also my bad luck as I haven't seen coat
      weight wool at $4 a yard anywhere else), but what really annoyed me was that
      they didn't make it clear. They just omitted mention of the rest of the
      world in their shipping details, it wasn't until I'd put in my credit card
      details & got to the confirm your order page that I finally got a sentence
      saying "we do not ship orders internationally"
      In reply to Despina's post, if there is somebody over there in the US who
      would act as a fabric relay person (i.e. I pay for the fabric tell them to
      ship it to your address & then I pay you enough to send it to me) please
      contact me as I really need a new cloak (my current one is synthetic velvet
      circa 1940-50 modern cut & doesn't close in the front) & I can't even find
      coat weight wool here in Australia let alone at just over $5 per yard (based
      on current exchange rate)

      Elizabeth Beaumont
      Elizabeth Walpole
      Politarchopolis, Lochac

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