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Catalan headgear/Rylands Haggadah

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  • Hasoferet@aol.com
    Okay, I know at least one person out there s got the facsimile of the Rylands MS, so I am throwing myself on their mercy. Everyone else can chime in too.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      Okay, I know at least one person out there's got the facsimile of the Rylands
      MS, so I am throwing myself on their mercy. Everyone else can chime in too.

      Pictures of Jewish women in the Aragon region, circa 1300s show outdoor wear
      as an ankle-length dark cloak that's draped over the head and wrapped under
      the chin. One of my sources describes it as being 'similar to that worn by
      Moorish women'. In the manuscripts they are mostly blue or black,
      other colors. The male equivalent seems to have a hood that's either
      integral, or
      matches, or matches in the manuscripts. Is there a acronym for 'That's The
      It Looks In The Picture' in use?

      My big question--what are you wearing on your head under the cloak? The
      formal holiday hats that amuse me so much wouldn't fit under this. There's no
      evidence I can see of a veil being worn underneath, although veils and a kind
      wrapped turban turn up in various other pictures--and wouldn't it be hard to
      keep on under the cloak? I assume that it was possible to arrive at your
      destination, go to the powder room and put on appropriate indoor headgear,
      but I

      So I turn to the Rylands Haggadah **which arrived yesterday** and find it
      short on female figures (natch), however there is an illo of Moses and his
      leaving Midian. In the first picture, Moses is walking and Tzipora is riding
      a donkey with the two boys.

      In the second, Tzipora is circumcising her son. She's off the donkey, on the
      ground, and her cloak is off her head. I can clearly see a red gown, the
      of the cloak...but the picture is slightly damaged, and I'm not sure what I'm
      seeing on her head. A section has been crosshatched, and I can't tell if it's
      braids, or a hairnet of the kind the woman in the seder scene is wearing.
      There seems to be a clean white band across her forehead, and once again, I
      tell if that's fabric, or a section of the 'hair' that the crosshatching was
      damaged off of. Any ideas? Any ideas about what women wore under hoods or
      cloaks, at all? (The classic coif does not appear on any woman I've seen in
      Catalan sources around this time.)

      I may have to scan this, eh?

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