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Re: A winter coat

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  • neimhaille
    ... While I mostly do ... bit nicer. Thank you of ... I have evidence of women in Germany wearing a version like the men s coat that appears all over the place
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 29, 2004
      > Ysabelot Here-I am looking more for an upper middle class coat.
      While I mostly do
      > middle class Flemish as in Bruegul, But I want something just a
      bit nicer. Thank you of
      > rall the useful links-Ysabelot Clarisse of Madrone, An Tir

      I have evidence of women in Germany wearing a version like the men's
      coat that appears all over the place especially at the start of the
      16thC and through to aout... 1540?

      It's a style that I think evolved into the surcoat in the
      Elizabethan era.

      I just gave some links in the Maternity thread.. all my links are
      actually on my computor not this one so I can't send info along;)

      One of the best examples of the style for a middle class woman is on
      a painting in Ausgburg of the seasons...
      Bottom image, can't miss her in yellow;) The woman nest to her is
      wearing the same style but with sleeves.

      Oh! And there are images of Mary of Hungary in her term as Regent of
      the Netherlands in this same style, so I'll just hunt that link I
      saw and saved last night..


      I think that is actually much later.. as she was just 25 at that

      And she was born in Brussles...
      Just another image
      And another.
      Right click to get the properties and copy the address in the
      address bar to see the image full sized.

      I'm making one of these from an old wool underlay. Very snug and
      warn it will be:)

      I made a less fancy one before:

      The lining was recyled for somehting else, and I accidentally ripped
      a bit of the side... eeep. I;ll see if there is a strand to pull out
      of a scrap and weave it to repair.

      Basically they are the same basic shape but made from varying
      fabric/furs to suit.

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