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Gulf WarS Teaching opportunity

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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2004
      >Greetings all,
      >First, my apologies to those who will receive this more than once. I am
      >simply utilizing the e-lists to which I belong as a means of broadcasting
      >this information as quickly as possible. Please feel free to cross post
      >this message to any list or individual you feel could benefit from receiving
      >it. I would be especially grateful to those who belong to e-lists outside
      >of Meridies forwarding this message along.
      >Unto those with knowledge and skill, please be advised there is still class
      >time available if you would like to teach at Gulf Wars, especially in the
      >A&S Tents and al-Mahala Encampment. Please feel free to contact me or
      >Mistress Maysun if you would like to teach in either of these particular
      >areas. Classes for other areas will be accepted as space allows and should
      >be directed to me or the appropriate area coordinator. See the Gulf Wars
      >website for contact information and online registration form.
      >I can't promise that classes scheduled after today will be included in the
      >site booklet as that will be going to press shortly. However, updates and
      >changes to the schedule will be published and announced at the war. Rest
      >assured, we will advertise your class as much as possible before it is
      >Thank you,
      >Mistress Odindisa Egilsdottir, OP
      >Class and Meeting Coordinator
      >Gulf Wars XIII
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