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Fwd: New History Channel programs

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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2 8:22 AM
      >Saturday Jan 3rd at 7 pm e.s.time. History Channel.
      >Terry Jones' Medieval Lives begins.
      >7-7:30pm Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      >The Knight
      >Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      >The Monk
      >Apparently no repeats that night but I'm thinking they
      >mistyped the webpage as the routine is generally repeats
      >three hours later.
      >The next morning will be A History of Britain:
      >The Beginnings from 7-8am e.s.t. This is the
      >morning 'school' show for teachers to copy and use
      >for a while.
      >Friday, January 9 8-9am
      >Secret Passages: Castles and Palaces
      >repeats: Friday, January 9 2 - 3pm
      >Saturday, January 10 7-7:30pm
      >Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      >The King
      >Saturday, January 10 7:30-8pm
      >Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      >The "Damsel"
      >On the 18th 8 est/9 central new Barbarians programs are
      >supposed to play on the same channel.
      >Vikings, Goths, Mongols and Huns.
      >Since they are only doing half month webpages now
      >I can't check that one yet. It's been being advertised.
      >Beware the A&E network, it has been infected with
      >the HTTP_PERL_OVERFLOW attack and has tried to
      >download it from the store website on me twice
      >in the last few weeks. Comes from
      >Use a firewall if you go there.
      >I'm not saying it's great TV but new (to us).
      >Master Magnus, OL
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