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Re: washing wool with vinegar

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  • azilisarmor
    ... FAR, ... for 25 ... smell ...odd ... tub. ... shrinkage ... Kind ... Thanks!!! I haven t found any with the perm solution smell yet, but thank you for
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 27, 2003
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "Maura Folsom"
      <lady_m_de_j@s...> wrote:
      > When I've had to remove finishes from fabric, I've tried both. BY
      > marinating the fabric in a half-and-half water/vinegar solution
      for 25
      > hours was more effective. Good thing vinegar is cheap! Also, if you
      > have a plastic conatiner with a lid, or a spare bathroom that you
      > don't use much, I'd advise using that, as this tends to
      smell ...odd
      > while it's doing its thing.
      > This was followed by rinsing THOROUGHLY and washing by hand in my
      > After removing a plastic-y coating, I would absolutely prewash a
      > swatch before trying to machine wash it, since removing the coating
      > can change drastically how the fabric washes up.
      > Oh - I've found that wools that smell like perm solutions when wet
      > (another chemical tactic used to 'set the weave' or prevent
      > in modern fabric production) respond farily well to a 3:1 water
      > vinegar bath. It SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the permanent-wave smell.
      > of like the 'neutralizer solution' in home perm kits.
      > Marguerie

      Thanks!!! I haven't found any with the "perm solution" smell yet,
      but thank you for the warning about this one as well.
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