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Re: RE: [Authentic_SCA] Re:Cross dressing, lesbians and the law

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  • Jehan du Lac
    I have indeed visited with M. de Montaigne in his chateau and he was a most amiable fellow, although grievously afflicted with the stone. He hath a tower for
    Message 1 of 24 , Aug 3, 2003
      I have indeed visited with M. de Montaigne in his chateau and he was a
      most amiable fellow, although grievously afflicted with the stone. He
      hath a tower for his study and contemplation which is most pleasant
      filled with more books than e'er I have seen in one place (or he did,
      his wife and daughter having no use for that great library nowadays).
      He did the king my master much good service and was well-enough
      esteemed hereabouts that his goods and property were largely unmolested
      during the late wars, though he be a Catholic. As to philosophy, my
      Latin is not good and so I avoid it, my bible and psalter in the French
      tongue being largely sufficient for me in the matter of books, although
      I do have a great pleasure in the news and will spend a few sous when
      the colporteur doth come by with his wares, but I confess that when M.
      de Montaigne's book was put on sale in Bordeaux I did spend a fair bit
      to have it bound for it did amaze me to be acquainted with one that
      hath written such a book, and yet it had no great matter in it at all,
      as it were, being but his own musings within himself, as if one were to
      his closet with a bit of wine after dinner, and though he be now
      deceased I do take some pleasure to read from his book a little and
      hear his voice. I was much taken with his recounting of the matter of
      the cannibals. He did ever mourn for La Boetie, though he made little
      conversation of it with his neighbors and it is only in reading his
      book that I heard his cry for his lost friend and so I have wondered if
      he did but write it to find another such in this world. I do not
      particularly know Mlle. de Gournay, his fille d'alliance, but I have no
      doubt, gracious lady, that you would be another such to him were he
      still living to have your acquaintance.


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      From: ahelou <ahelou@...>
      Date: Sunday, August 3, 2003 6:31 pm
      Subject: RE: [Authentic_SCA] Re:Cross dressing, lesbians and the law

      > >===== Original Message From Jehan du Lac <baronjehan@...>
      > =====> for even in difficult times I did
      > >provide for such issue as I had of them and now these days doe most
      > >take comfort with mon sien compagnon for though he is English we
      > share>a soul as did my late neighbor M. de Montaigne and his great
      > friend La
      > >Boetie even as he hath written in his great booke, ...
      > >Jehan
      > Maitre Jehan,
      > If you will forgive my impertinence for joining this conversation
      > uninvited,
      > allow me to say that, if you were indeed the neighbor of M. de
      > Montaigne, you
      > must count yourself among the most fortunate men in France! It is
      > only a few
      > months ago that I first had the pleasure of reading his essays,
      > and those on
      > education I most particularly enjoyed. I have often wished to
      > travel into
      > France (and travel, as M. de Montaigne advises, is a necessary
      > part of the
      > best educations), for I greatly love the language, which, though
      > not so
      > beautiful as my native Tuscan, is yet an elegant one, and I
      > flatter myself
      > that I speak it not without some accuracy and grace; yet more than
      > that,
      > France has in the last century produced so many great poets and
      > philosophers,
      > that I would wish above all for the opportunity to become
      > acquainted with
      > them. Florence does not lack in philosophers nor in scholars, but
      > that the
      > ones I most admire should live elsewhere is a constant disappointment.
      > Vittoria
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