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RE: Frank versus promiscuousRe: [Authentic_SCA] RE: Courtesans

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  • ahelou
    ... Of course. :-) I have to admit, I am a literature student, so that s why I m drawn to the literary myth. But, like everyone else here, I m also deeply
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2003
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      >===== Original Message From "Kristine Maitland" <kmaitland@...> =====
      >Actually, I find myself appalled by the romanitization of the life of a
      >courtesan, ignoring of facts,a) ie. that courtesans actually had sex for
      >money and b) in the Italian courts, there was no difference between gli
      >cortigiana and le meretrice. The concept of the "oneste" is based on
      >literary mythology. Still, I have no objection to the playing of una
      >cortigiana as a lady of letters as we can document that life as true -- for
      >a select few. But does not SCA celebrate the lives of a select few anyway?

      Of course. :-) I have to admit, I am a literature student, so that's why I'm
      drawn to the
      literary myth. But, like everyone else here, I'm also deeply concerned with
      context, so I don't like over-romanticizing either.

      >But as for promiscuous behaviour: nothing ever shocked people more than the
      >time when, in persona, a gentleman offered to pay for a kiss and I asked for
      >money up front. Imagine his surprise when I actually TOOK the money. Do
      >not play the game if you are selective with the rules *lol*.

      But that's fun! I don't think taking money for a kiss is promiscuous (at
      least, not within the
      game ;). What I was complaining about earlier was really indecorous
      distinctly remember reading one woman's boast about having half a dozen men
      her at a banquet table, or something like that. I found that a little
      extreme. A bit of flirting
      and kissing is fine, and money exchanges are loads of fun (my boyfriend and I
      did that
      once or twice, to the amusement of our camp-mates), but I don't care for
      But, like I said earlier...my opinions on amorous matters lean towards the
      prudish. ;)

      >But all that aside, I am first and foremost a singer and even I have my
      >limits. And I have seen too many "noblewomen" act like meretrice over the
      >years (and don't get me started on the "noblemen" *grin*)

      Yeah, seriously. ;)

      >" And if people are abusive, get back at them - write a poem that mocks and
      >abuses them
      >mercilessly, then read to them it in public. ;) I'm sure it'll teach them
      >to treat you respectfully in the future...."
      >Done better than that -- I've SUNG them in public. LOL

      Beautiful! That rocks. Along those lines (sort of), I recently found a
      late-16th c. Italian
      song wherein a scorned girl gives her lover a disdainful send-off - "fu il tuo
      cor dur al mio
      partir, or god' io pur del tuo morir." ("You were hard-hearted at our
      parting, but I will
      rejoice at your death.") Great melody, too.

      A couple years ago Moshe and I had the idea to write odes to each other,
      entirely in-
      persona. I wrote praising his talents as poet and musician - but, because he
      protrays a
      devoutly religious ascetic, he wrote me a beautiful lament telling me that I
      was going to
      hell for my sins! It was all tongue-in-cheek, and highly entertaining. It
      received a public
      reading and was a big hit. Not bad for my reputation. ;)

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