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Re: Fwd: [Authentic_SCA] Re: about water and period documentation

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  • Jeff Heilveil
    ... Haven t had a chance to look at the online docs yet, but if it s the Domestroi s Kvass recipe, that s one that we aren t sure is from period. ... Benthos
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2003
      > >The kvass was made for a Russian feast that Yevsha cooked and
      > >surprised most everyone with how good it (the kvass) was.
      > >
      > >--Morwenna
      Haven't had a chance to look at the online docs yet, but if it's the
      Domestroi's Kvass recipe, that's one that we aren't sure is from period.

      "Benthos" is important. Not only are benthic organisms important to
      healthy aquatic ecosystems, but the word itself is used so rarely that it
      gives us the chance to educate others about the importance of benthic
      Jeffrey Heilveil M.S.
      PhD Candidate, Department of Entomology
      University of Illinois
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