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  • Alanfrize@aol.com
    Odd that someone should mention Plaid - over here that s one of my pet hates! Anyone who s got involved in Scottish re-enactment, and who takes it seriously,
    Message 1 of 364 , Jun 30, 2003
      Odd that someone should mention Plaid - over here that's one of my pet hates!
      Anyone who's got involved in Scottish re-enactment, and who takes it
      seriously, tends to wind up with a deep loathing for the material. Why? Because
      there are still those who labour under the belief that for something to be
      'Scottish' it has to be wrapped in layers of tartan tat. It's completely
      inauthentic (the earliest recorded mention of it is in 1530), yet there seems to be
      those out there (even in here in Scotland) who are using that utter rubbish that
      was Braveheart as an historical reference, rather than a hysterical comedy,
      which is what I see it as.
      It's possibly the most annyoning thing for me to see at a medieval event, and
      tends to ruin the mood of the event for me - why is it people in my group and
      others can take the time to actually research the period, yet others seem to
      approach serious research as something akin to heresy?
      Rant over.....
    • hasoferet@aol.com
      In a message dated 7/18/2003 10:23:23 AM Pacific Standard Time, ... Similar situations also occur where communities kept from blending for various reasons
      Message 364 of 364 , Jul 18, 2003
        In a message dated 7/18/2003 10:23:23 AM Pacific Standard Time, gedney1@... writes:

        The place where culture mixing occurs is in expatriot communities, such as
        Chinatown, or the Hasidic Communities of Brooklyn, ot in period examples,
        the Viking community of Dublin, and the community of flemish worsted weavers
        of 1570's Norwich, as examples. In those communities there would be strong
        cultural reinforcement of the differences from the main culture, and some of
        the less extreme differences would get preserved (though some would be
        quickly lost, especially if they are illegal in the host culture).

        Similar situations also occur where communities kept from blending for various reasons nevertheless have to live alongside one another--Spain produces a lot of these, broken down along religous lines, and there are patterns that develop in areas where people are moving around a lot--well-travelled trade routes open some patterns. And certain cities--late-period Istanbul, fr'example.

        It is much harder to posit a hypothetical mixed culture community, than and
        individual, since communities would plainly have had more of an impact on a
        historical period and place than an individual. But ths is the most likely
        histoical fashion in which a person with mixed cultures would present.

        Why 'posit' at all? We have lots that actually happened to pick from.

        An individual that travels widely, and is born of parents that travelled
        widely, as a source for a cultural blending is simply unlikely, and not
        believable. the few examples that we have are, in effect exceptions that
        prove the rule, since such persons quickly rose to the level of scandal or
        legend .

        Or are just odd blips...my Tunisian guy is a very small scandal, contained in a series of angry family letters that would have vanished from history if the Cairo Geniza had not been preserved.

        and this is entirely my point. These cultural collisions were not the result
        of individual persons. Individuals had almost no impact on the culture to
        which they were transplanted. Impaction required a transplantation of enough
        individuals to generate a separate subculture within the host culture.

        Not arguing with you there, but cultures are made up of individuals, and and I can only 'be' one person at a time in the SCA.

        I think we're agreeing, actually.

        > (I'm guilty too.) But more often, someone wouldn't break
        > down their
        > family to component cultures, because everyone in Sicily has a
        > family like this.

        also true..
        A Luvbovitcher Jew in Brooklyn would not describe themselves as a
        Talmudic-Polish-Germannic-Hebrew-American-Zionist-Gemcutter. But we see this
        sort of thing in the SCA all the time, with such Scabominations as a

        Well yes, but the first makes sense, and can be summed up in a single identity, while the latter requires explanation, 'cause it just don't happen.

        Which is all tyhat I was going after.
        Mixed cultures expressed as individuals a historical mixed cultural context,
        Mixed cultures as an individual using a mishmash of places (and times!) with
        no connection to any likely (or even possible) historical context, no.

        Uh yeah. What you said.

        Raquel filla Bonastruch, not really a scandal, except to her brother Ysaac, who wishes she would get married again and stop hanging around the house inciting his daughters to sass him, and taking Vives' side when he's been gambling (and losing) again.
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