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Re: TI Article Help

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  • Karen
    ... Two of my articles have been published in T.I. As someone else has already posted, the information on how to submit articles is online at
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 26, 2003
      Matatias asked:

      > Have people here every written a TI article? I have a piece on how
      > judicial duels were run in Angevin England (and I think could be fun
      > for authentic martial activities within the SCA). I've been
      > thinking of submitting it, but do not know what the expectations
      > are. Any ideas people have would be greatly appreciated!

      Two of my articles have been published in T.I. As someone else has
      already posted, the information on how to submit articles is online at

      A few things to keep in mind --

      If there are specific illustrations you plan to have with your article,
      either submit them with the article submission or find an artist who
      will do them for you. Otherwise, the editors will just add
      illustrations that they find appropriate. (I cringed a bit at the
      illustrations with the article on Romani culture; it would have been
      good to have pictures of how they actually were depicted in period,
      rather than the modern stereotype that was used as an illustration.
      But that might have just been me; the author may have actually selected
      those illustrations, I have no idea.)

      You *can* have photos with your article. I think they would prefer
      black & white photos with good contrast. Send them hard copies of the
      photos when you send your manuscript information -- they will need to
      do a scan at 300 DPI for each photo, which can result in massive files,
      and then they'll need to tweak the digital image for their own print
      requirements as well. If the photo is of people, you may need to have
      the models' permission; if it is of an artifact in a museum, you may
      need to get the museum's permission. And those are on top of getting
      the photographer's permission, of course.

      If your article *is* accepted, it may not get published for a while.
      The editorial staff is probably nearly finished with the Summer 2003
      issue right now, so if you were to send it in today and it is accepted
      for publication, the earliest they will possibly get to publish it
      would be Autumn 2003, though it could well be later than that. It's
      just the way the publications schedule works, really. (Frankly, if
      someone [not naming any names, of course, Mr. B. -- heh!] were to give
      me a completely finished manuscript for the Compleat Anachronist
      *today* -- and that's with the text completely perfect and all the
      illustrations in order -- the earliest I could possibly publish it
      would be this autumn, but that's due to poor scheduling on my part --
      usually by now I'd prefer to have the autumn issue nearly done.)

      And that's another point. If the article is too long for Tournaments
      Illuminated, please do consider submitting it for the Compleat
      Anachronist. Articles for C.A. tend to run in the range of 56 pages,
      *with* illustrations. You can find additional submission information
      at http://www.sca.org/ca/guidelines.html but do keep in mind that there
      will be an editor turnover period at the end of the year. You can send
      me an email offlist if you're interested in more information.

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