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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Heralds

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  • Rosine
    I have many friends who are heralds.... (sorry, just had to use the line, as I m about to be uncomplementary, sort of). I think part ofthe problem comes from
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
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      I have many friends who are heralds.... (sorry, just had to use the line, as
      I'm about to be uncomplementary, sort of).

      I think part ofthe problem comes from having a group of people who are in
      a position to say, without explaining why, "You can't do that." Some are
      kind enough to explain, but they don't have to and at times don't. They,
      like the Chirurgeonate, have their own ranking system and awarding
      ceremonies - which frequently take place in court in front of the rest of
      us, making it appear that the "inner group" is in a ranking competition with
      the Crown, as the awards are given without even a nod at the authority of
      the Crown, who "don't count" within that hiarchy.
      I've had mixed experiences with the Heraldic community, and when I am in
      a "on my own again" position, do not plan on supporting the SCA heraldic
      community at all - based soley on my personal experiences and having only to
      do with the "see a herald" advice that I used to give - not having
      *anything* to do with my feelings about individuals who are heralds and are
      really kick-hinney cool kind of folks.
      I've had a herald tell me that I can't use a name I devised with
      information based on a past Laurel-at-Arms' research... that herald didn't
      agree with the work of the other one, so nixed my name. The same herald
      "didn't like" my name and that was sufficient reason to nix it each time I
      found more information to support it... and all the while, that particular
      herald was using, and still uses, a name from a fantasy novel. I have a huge
      problem with "do as I say, not as I do" when dealing with something so
      personal as the label we plan on using to identify ourselves. That the same
      individual later told a knight that he was being unchivalrous for displaying
      his arms in a manner correct to his persona time but not to SCA heraldic
      practise - baffled the heck out of me and soured me on the whole system when
      that herald's stand was backed up by others heavily involved in our Kingdom
      At my vigil, a herald came to tell me that as a Peer, it was my
      responsibility to set a good example and so I should chuck the name that I'd
      used for 10 years and adopt a new one that was SCA-correct. I *almost* got
      mad - but my sense of whimsy saved the moment for me - which was great, as
      then that person, who I believe didn't know me from Adam, went on to say
      that she'd done some research and was able to find elements from a
      particular culture which could form a name that was dang-near exactly what
      I'd been using - and she'd gone to the trouble of mailing her research to my
      local herald so with a nod, I could have, well, what I'd always wanted. What
      a lot of work for someone she didn't even know! And that I wouldn't have
      known about, had I lost my temper. (I have since then gotten to know that
      person and respect her a lot.)
      And then the local herald lost the paperwork and the research was never
      able to be reproduced (the sweet lady moved from the area with the library
      she'd used and could not find her sources again}.

      So you see the mixed bag. Now, as far as the College of St. Gabriel
      goes - - - those folks are awesome. If they can't do it, not only will they
      tell you so, but they'll feed you idea after idea of what's close to what
      you want until you're nearly overwhelmed. Or at least that's what I've been
      told, over and over again. It un-soured me enough that I've submitted my own
      (really tough, I admit) request and have no doubts that no matter what comes
      up, I'm going to be astounded by the level of scholarship involved. And the
      college evolved from the SCA's membership, so...

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