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Fwd: Scribal classes at Atlantian University in June

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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Please respond to the people in the email, not to me. Smiles, Despina
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2003
      Please respond to the people in the email, not to me. Smiles, Despina

      >Greetings My Lords and Ladies, Nobles and Gentles All,
      >We are currently in the planning stages for the June session of University
      >Atlantia and are looking for volunteers to teach scribal classes.
      >If you would like to teach a scribal class, please send me (Lady
      >Brandwyn)(brndalston@...) and the University Chancellor (Lady Ysolt)(
      >university@...) the following information:
      >Name of Class
      >Name of Instructor
      >Description of class
      >Duration of Class (one hour or two hours)
      >Class Limit (Maximum number of students you will allow )
      >Class Cost (if any- to cover supplies you provide or printing costs of
      >Preference for morning time period or afternoon time period (we will try
      >to accomodate as much as possible).
      >Please also indicate if this is a new class or if it has been taught
      >before here in Atlantia.
      >You can also include a list of supplies that the students may bring, if
      >you wish.
      >Classes are needed in all the scribal arts subjects, such as calligraphy,
      >illumination, historical research, hands-on how-to classes, etc. We have
      >not made a presence at the last two sessions, and I would love to see us
      >fill two class rooms, if the site has them available.
      >Again, please send your information to Lady Ysolt and myself, so that all
      >classes will be included this time, space permitting. If there is not
      >space for your class, you will be notified via email.
      >Send to:
      >Thank you for your help,
      >(Lady Brandwyn Alston of the Rift, Scrivener Royal Atlantia)
      >I don't currently have information on exactly where the summer session is
      >going to be held, but will be forwarding it on as soon as I find out.
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