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FW: HRM Andreas Eisenfalke von Ulm

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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2003
      >forward from Her Majesty Isabella of York, Queen of the East:
      >Joyous Greetings to our Great Societal Family!
      >On Saturday, January 25, the Board of Directors convened and, among their
      >other business, it was determined by the BOD that HRM Andreas Eisefalke
      >von Ulm, who was deployed two weeks ago, will be granted his titles of
      >Duke at the end of Our reign.
      >I want to thank all who sent in letters to the BOD in support of Andreas.
      >The many letters of well-wishers from near and very far, throughout the
      >knowne world have moved me deeply. The love and caring that was present
      >in your letters many times was too much to confront. It was lifting and
      >comforting to know that here, in this great Societal family, no matter
      >what differences we have, we come together for what is right and honorable.
      > >From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and embrace you. It is in
      > times like this, times of such great difficulty, that such gestures of
      > support and camaraderie make this game worth playing. As always is
      > present in Our Great Society, our care for each other in what is
      > important and right stretches beyond cultural lines, beyond creed, or any
      > of the small differences that seem important to the mundane world. This
      > is a truly a demonstration of what the dream is all about, the living of
      > those virtues of chivalry and honor, on which this Society was first
      > predicated, and which I am proud to be a part of.
      >Although this decision has brought great joy to my heart, the battle is
      >not yet over for we all continue to pray that HRM Andreas' and all other
      >of our members and family of members return safely to our familial
      >arms. These defenders of our country are the true heroes.
      >With all that is within me, I thank you all.
      >Isabella of York
      >Queen of the East
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