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RE: [Authentic_SCA] Cotehardie

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  • Colleen McDonald
    Cainder wrote:
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 27, 2003
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      Cainder wrote:
      <<Except that, as far as we can tell, the term cotehardie applied specifically to a man's garment during this period. So a woman's dress worn at this time wouldn't be a cotehardie either. >>

      Brangwayna Morgan wrote
      <<Except somebody just quoted from the OED, which lists the garment as being worn by both sexes, and provides quotes from the Knight de la Tour Landry, 1450, in which there are two quotations about a woman wearing a cotehardie, and one about a "yonge squier". Unless the ladies in that story are cross-dressing, it certainly sounds like period evidence for a woman wearing one to me.>>

      This is the first reference that I have seen listing women as wearing cotehardies. I've forwarded it on to Robin Netherton, who regularly lectures on this subject and has been researching it for years. My statement was based on my discussions with her on the subject. (I also started my post before the OED citation came through.)

      Unfortunately, one reference (two citations, but same source) does not necessarily mean that something was common, from what I have seen. I'm not certain of the context surrounding the quote either, so it may be part of an allegorical story and meant to illustrate a point, rather than an example of what was actually worn.

      Hopefully, we can find out more about context surrounding the citation. I have the source book, but am up to my ears in another project, so won't be able to look it up for a while.

      In service, I remain

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