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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Hello from a newcomer

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  • bronwynmgn@aol.com
    Welcome! I m always glad to see people just starting out in the SCA who have an interest in authenticity. In many cases, it s something folks grow into after
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2003
      Welcome!  I'm always glad to see people just starting out in the SCA who have an interest in authenticity.  In many cases, it's something folks grow into after many years in our group, since it's not required at the start.  Many people get the bug later...
      I can't help you with Swiss history or clothing, but did want to mention this:

      In a message dated 1/24/2003 4:40:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com writes:

      I got a laugh out of one of the SCA archer types when I told him I
      wanted to be a Swiss Crossbowman he gave me a lenghty discourse on
      how crossbows were NOT kept by the citizens and only issued by the
      nobility/army and that Long bows were the only weapons used by the
      average citizen who reported for war.

      Unfortunately, the use of the word "period" to describe SCA-relevant things tends to give the impression that these things were universal to the huge number of cultures and years covered by the SCA.  So if this person was told that, "In period, longbows etc", he would tend to believe that it applied to all of Europe all the time.  That's how a lot of people get their information.  It's really important to scrap the word "period" and say, "In Italy in the 15th century, etc".
      We have a number of people who ask questions like "What did women wear on their heads in period?"  It's almost a meaningless question, because the answer is so varied in time and space.  But we also get the people who say "In period, all married women covered their heads".  Manifestly not true for all time periods and cultures, and in any case, what they covered their heads with differed drastically....

      But you know all this, because it's been stressed in the re-enactment background you came from.  It's important to remember that the same attitude and knowledge has NOT been stressed here, because it's not required by our rules.  You will find people who have done a lot of research and know their information in depth.  But you will find more people who are relying on what they have been told by someone else, and who aren't interested enough in the subject to do any further research.  What you can do in this situation is to politely explain that, while that may have been true at certain times and places, in the time period you study, there were crossbowmen, etc...and begin to correct the all-or-nothing concept.

      Brangwayna Morgan
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