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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Ohio: Medieval & Renaissance Music Lecture/Concert

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      > > A Thousand Years of Music:  A combined lecture and concert giving
      > > an overview of music during the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe
      > >
      > > Tuesday, January 21; 7:00 p.m.; Chisolm Auditorium, Franks Hall
      > >
      > > TIFFIN UNIVERSITY, TIFFIN, OH For the thousand years of the
      > > Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe, music was much more than
      > > entertainment--it was used for accompaniment in work, in worship,
      > > for celebrations and partying, for social get-togethers, and
      > > simply as a way to pass the time during long days and evenings
      > > spent watching over animals in the fields or gathering indoors
      > > for elaborate feasts with music, dancing, and storytelling.
      > >
      > > On Tuesday evening, January 21, 2003, Tiffin University will
      > > present a selection of music that was popular from 600 to 1600
      > > AD. Brief explanations will help the audience understand the
      > > characteristics of different styles of music, from sacred to
      > > secular, from love songs to dance tunes, from ballads to comic
      > > songs and carefree madrigals.
      > >
      > > The program will begin with a Gregorian chant dating from around
      > > 600 AD. Other selections include plainchant styles used in later
      > > centuries, troubador love songs from 12th century France, a 13th
      > > century motet in three parts, and songs, ballads, and a five-part
      > > madrigal from the Renaissance. The performance will include
      > > instrumental accompaniments for the songs. The general
      > > characteristics of medieval and Renaissance music will be
      > > explained, and medieval music's development over time traced.
      > > Explanations for individual melodies will include the scales
      > > used, including modes and hexachords, as well as the place of
      > > music in medieval and Renaissance life and medieval music's
      > > influence on later folk music.
      > >
      > > The lecture portions of the program will be given by Mathilda
      > > Navias, a performer who has done extensive research into medieval
      > > and Renaissance music, particularly of how the music was
      > > originally performed. Ms. Navias will perform the solo songs. She
      > > will be joined by members of Tiffin Universitys music department.
      > >
      > > At the close of the concert, costumed members of the Tiffin
      > > branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism will be available
      > > to answer questions about life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
      > >
      > > The combination lecture and concert is free and open to the
      > > public. It is co-sponsored by the Tiffin University Vocal Music
      > > Department and the Tiffin branch of the Society for Creative
      > > Anachronism, Inc.

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