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Re: breastfeeding clothing

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  • Heidi/Clarissa
    When my baby (now 11) was nursing, I hadn t yet arrived at the authentic approach I now have (thanks, Rod), but neither was I about to use the approach
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2002
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      When my "baby" (now 11) was nursing, I hadn't yet arrived at the authentic
      approach I now have (thanks, Rod), but neither was I about to use the
      approach another scadian friend did for her nursing garb: zipper down the
      front of the cotehardie. Ick.

      I did do a couple of things, and some day I'm going to write the article
      about breastfeeding access in clothing. (And thanks for all the
      links!) The front-laced bodice surely works, but it is more time-consuming
      than most babies will tolerate when they want to eat NOW. I also modified
      an Italian Ren-ish dress so it laced up the front, but had fewer eyelets
      than the separate bodice, so was quicker. But what worked the best, in
      terms of mommy's convenience and baby's happiness, was the cotehardie I
      made with "princess" seams that had hooks 'n eyes in the appropriate
      locations. I made a sideless surcoat with lovely soft fake (but real
      looking) fur at the armsceyes and neck. The center front of the surcoat
      was just wide enough to cover the hook-n-eye seams so there was coverage
      even when they were left open (while burping, for instance, or changing
      sides, or until the baby was in her basket). WOrked very well in use,
      providing quick and easy access when needed without exposing everything to
      the whole world, even when baby was nursing. IN fact, this garb was passed
      on to another friend who used it for both of her scadian babies, and I
      think it's gone to a third mama. Rather like the Moses basket we had,
      which, last I knew, was on baby #10.

      On a funny note, we were at an event when baby was about 3 months old and I
      ended up sat in the front row for court, next to an older knight of the
      realm. Baby tolerated sca events quite happily, up until the "vivats" were
      shouted in court. The sure-fire cure-all was to nurse her, so I just
      opened up and plugged her in. We sat there for almost the entire rest of a
      rather long court before the knight next to me realized what the baby was
      doing (as opposed to just nestling in mama's arms). HORRORS! He was up
      and out of there so fast you'd have thought it was something
      contaigious! Most amusing......

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