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Estrella A&S Competition (fwd)

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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2002
      >Estrella War XIX Arts and Sciences Competition.
      >February 2003
      >Greetings Unto the Artisans of the Known World,
      >It is my pleasure to extend an invitation to all artisans of the
      >Known World to enter in the
      >Estrella War XIX Arts and Sciences Competition.
      >The categories for the Arts & Sciences Competition for Estrella War
      >XIX (February 2003) have been chosen one year ahead of time to allow
      >the competitors ample time to prepare entries. They include:
      >Heraldic Display
      >defined as any historically documented object suitable for period
      >display of heraldic arms. Arms must be passed by the College of
      >Functional Period Accessories (non_jewelry)
      >defined as any functional accessory item i.e., hats, belts, pouches,
      >shoes, etc., that one would wear that is appropriate to the period
      >of SCA interest.
      >Period Clothing Construction
      >defined as any single garment, excluding accessories, that is
      >constructed using period techniques, materials, patterns and
      >Please note that each person is only allowed to enter one item per
      >category. Group entries are
      >allowed but each entry counts as each person's one item in that
      >category. Remember, you cannot enter any item that has already been
      >entered in an official Estrella War A & S Competition before. Items
      >entered in local, Baronial, or Kingdom competitions are acceptable
      >and are encouraged.
      >You must also have written documentation of no more than five pages
      >in length, not counting
      >bibliographies and pictures. Documentation should be typed if
      >possible and easy to read. Please
      >do not put your name on the documentation. We would like to keep this
      >as anonymous as
      >Judging Sheets for Estrella War XIX Arts and Sciences Competition.
      >If you would like a copy of the Judging Sheets please e-mail me off
      >list...would you like them as an attachment or in e-mail as text?
      >Some items of note to assist you in your competition experience.
      >*Look for location of Competition in your Gate book.
      >Schedule: Saturday of the War
      >* 7am: You may set up your outside Heraldic Display. Outside
      >set_up for Heraldic Display will take place at Arts and Sciences
      >Competition site. NO, outside Heraldic Display will be allowed to be
      >left overnight.
      >* 9 am :Registration and set up of inside display items.
      >* 12:00pm: As per Treaty no entries will be allowed to register after
      >* 1pm: Judging will commence. (Please, all Judges check in by 12:45
      >* 5pm: We would hope that judging would be finished.
      >* 6pm: Please pick up your items at 6pm. (Sorry, No, you may not
      >leave your item overnight)
      >The Answers to some common questions
      >Can I bring someone else's items?
      >Yes, please have their full SCA name and mundane information. If it
      >is in Heraldic Display please see information below on requirements.
      >What do you mean by Brief Description of Item?
      >Please give the judges a clear idea of which item is yours.
      >Example: Gold banner with red apples and black anvil.
      >Can I come in and look around?
      >Yes, from 12:00pm to 12:45pm Do not touch anything including
      >documentation. At 12:45 area will be closed to populace.
      >What can I do to help?
      >We need guards to sit at the door and answer above question.
      >***** Please, if you have any questions..ask!*********
      >Some words on Heraldic Display
      >Those persons entering Heraldic Display must be prepared to provide
      >proof that the armory used has been registered by the College of
      >Heralds. If needed for confirmation, Herald's Point will have an
      >Armorial available for either the entrants or the judges.
      >The item you are entering does not have to be of your armory. (See
      >above for requirements)
      >Some words on Functional Period Accessories (non_jewelry)
      >Entrant will need to indicate if the entry is either
      >a reproduction of a documental Period item
      > or
      >a speculative original creation.
      >This information is for evaluating documentation; and does not imply
      >a preference of style choice.
      >Please if you have any questions or concerns contact your
      >Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences or myself.
      >Lady Dairine Mor o' Uhigin has done us all the great honor of
      >donating the Trophies for 1st place winners
      >And, if that was not enough she is also, doing scrolls for 2nd and
      >3rd place.
      >In Service,
      >Lady Eden Blacksmith
      >A & S War Competition Autocrat
      >Kingdom of Atenveldt Minister of Arts and Sciences
      >For further information on the War, please visit the official
      >Estrella War web page at
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