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Re: [Authentic_SCA] plausibility of name vs culture1

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    In a message dated 11/22/2002 7:27:37 AM Eastern Standard Time,
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      In a message dated 11/22/2002 7:27:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com writes:

      >I have a somewhat similar problem, which is that I *love* my name -
      >it resonates to me more than my mundane name does.  However, it is
      >technically wrong for my persona, and I've kind of crafted my
      >persona story to excuse that, but I'm not sure whether I did a very
      >good job, so I'm curious what people think.
      >Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lady Generys ferch Ednuyed
      >ap Madauc, and I am married to a  Burgundian nobleman.  Though I was
      >born in Wales in 1475, as a third daughter I had few prospects
      >there, so my father betrothed me to Lord Girard when I was very
      >young.  It was decided that I would be a better wife if I knew more
      >of my husband's people, so I was fostered as a lady-in-waiting to
      >the Duchess of Burgundy from the age of 5 until my marriage at 16.
      >Because of this, I am thouroughly Burgundian, and have forgotten
      >almost everything about Wales, except my name.
      >Does this sound reasonable to all of you, or no?

      Am I allowed to limit myself to discussing the reasonability of the
      spelling "Ednuyed"?  I suspect that somewhere along the way two
      letters have gotten transposed and this was originally meant to be
      "Ednyued" (less ambiguously, "Ednyved", to correspond with modern
      conventions regarding "u" and "v").

      I would consider it much more reasonable that a woman with the above
      history would continue using her original given name than that she
      would continue using a very specifically Welsh format for her entire
      name.  If she's been in Burgundy from the age of 5, with no Welsh
      social context at all, she would almost certainly be using an overall
      name format that followed Burgundian conventions.  It is also
      possible that the people around her would have come up with some much
      more familiar name that sounded similar to Generys and would have
      used that instead.


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