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  • marshamclean@rogers.com
    Also, be very very careful about what you re getting. It is almost impossible (Gwendoline?) to distinguish real stones from various forms of fakes. I don t
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 24, 2002
      At 02:55 PM 10/24/2002 +0000, you wrote:
      >you can get some spiffy brass/bronze tableware in Thailand.  And
      >gemstones at supposedly more reasonable rates.

      Definitely gemstones.  Rubys, sapphires, star rubies and sapphires,
      garnets, tourmaline, zircons, alexandrite, peridot, citrine, and topaz;
      just to name a few.

      One word of caution on buying stones: be sure that they are American
      standard sizes otherwise you'll wind up needing a custom piece designed for
      the stones rather than being able to just pick out a setting.  Not bad when
      you buy a 15 carat Brazilian cut amethyst because you probably want a piece
      designed around a stone like that.  Not good when you buy a large number of
      .16 assorted stones.  Unless you want to begin making your own, of
      course.  *grin*


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