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Re: Christina's AWESOME help

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  • xina007eu
    Johann Petri was the publisher, and a Google search revealed he was located in Passau. The reason why I asked is the word sunft that confused you. I m pretty
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 30, 2002
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      Johann Petri was the publisher, and a Google search revealed he was
      located in Passau.
      The reason why I asked is the word "sunft" that confused you.
      I'm pretty sure that this should be "sunst" (Modern High
      German "sonst"). It's either a transcription error (you mistook a
      long s for an f) or a compositor's error (e.g. an "f + t" ligature
      having ended up in the "long s + t" ligature compartment by mistake).

      Why don't you photocopy the book (or at least the pages you are
      interested in) and then give it back to the university? Or scan it if
      you have got access to a scanner? Then you could run an OCR program
      on the scans and have some fun reading what it comes up with.

      By the way, Poison Pen Press offer a facsimile for $38 but I suppose
      that's not what you call a decent price

      Best regards,


      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., Jeff Heilveil <heilveil@u...> wrote:
      > > >X-Sender: Christina_Lemke@h...
      > > >where did the author of this book come from? Where was it
      printed? Is
      > > >there a facsimile online? I did a quick Google search and
      > > >find one.
      > The Author is Johann Petri. I haven't read the herausgegeben since
      I know
      > the date and am interesting in the body, so I don't know from where
      > hailed. The Facsimile was printed in W. Germany in 1981 with the
      > following ISBN: 3-87452-476-0. If you find a decently priced copy,
      > me one too and I'll pay you back :-) (the library will one day want
      > back. I've been messing with it for 2 years now...)
      > > >
      > > >welgel dy krebs dorinn = probably "roll the crabs in it"
      > > >"die kleinen Schere" might be a reference to the crab's claws
      > > >(called "Scheren" in German).
      > You know, I thought it might mean the claws, but I couldn't figure
      it out.
      > Welgel solved it all! I need an address and instructions on how to
      > Marzipan to you. that's 2 batches I owe you! AK!!! Maybe I should
      > visit and just cook for you for a week :-)
      > *&%$#@ !!!! Okay, I did it ALL wrong. Take the crabs (whole, or
      > cut up) that are already cooked. Make the yellow batter and roll
      > crabs in it (but not the pincers), each piece separately. Bake them
      > either as a cake, or drop them into boiling oil and fry them. Then
      > sugar makes more sense. It's a fried crab funnel cake!!!!! Oh
      yummy. So
      > much better than the yummy crab cakes I made.
      > I wonder if I have time to run to the store and try again before we
      > for the event. Christina you are AMAZING. Dankbar!!
      > > >They wouldn't have used tinned crabmeat
      > > >but real whole crabs.
      > I know that, but I can't get whole crabs in land-locked Illinois
      and I am
      > not sure I would eat them if I could...
      > Sequences are done. Gotta run. Hopefully I'll get out to the
      store this
      > afternoon.
      > Cu drag,
      > Bogdan
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      > so. -Sir Walter Scott
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      > it.
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