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pre-1500s German lunch LONG

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  • Jeff Heilveil
    Okay, I took a couple of hours and knocked out enough recipes (2) to pull off lunch for coronation this weekend. As per the comment that I m not cooking
    Message 1 of 31 , Sep 27, 2002
      I took a couple of hours and knocked out enough recipes (2) to pull off
      lunch for coronation this weekend. As per the comment that I'm not
      cooking pre-1500 German, here ya go! Hope everyone else enjoys as much as
      I have been (then again, I hope to still have enough for lunch on

      Almost all of this is pre-1500 and from Kuchenmeisterey (1486). The
      one exception is the pfefferlein (pepper sauce) that goes with the meat.
      I couldn't find a pre-1500 recipe for it, however I got it from Sabina
      Welserin. Sabina's was a book written for the middle class in 1553. So
      if this was the peppersauce of the middle class it probably wasn't
      invented with many of the cooking-renaissance innovations. Also, it'll
      just have to do until I can find an earlier one. By the by, as far as I
      am concerned you could throw some dumplings in the peppersauce and have
      the MOST AWESOME soup. I wouldn't do it at an SCA event though, as I
      haven't seen documentatio for that use, just something I'd do at home...
      the sauce is THAT good.

      On to the recipes. Veggies beware!

      cu drag,

      Item ein ebachens von krebssen. bereit dy krebs gar schon mach ein gellbs
      teiglein von ayern abgewurtzt und gesalten nit zu dunnen oder zu dick.
      welgel dy krebs dorinn ydes stucklin besunder und pach sie aber dy kleinen
      Schere und procklin mach in kuchlins weis oder in strauben weis un pach
      sy. Hastu nit schon ayer so nym ein wenig saffran darzu und trag das
      bachen also warn fur das ist gut. wil tu honig oder zucker darauff lehen
      das ist auch gut.

      Okay, loosely done:
      Crab cakes. Take crab that has already been cooked. Make a yellow batter
      from eggs that has been spiced and salted, not too thin or thick. Mix (?)
      the crab therein separating every piece and bake it just a little. cut
      and ???? make them in cake-wise or in strip-wise and bake them. If you
      don't have eggs, take a few (strands) of saffron and serve it warm because
      that's good. It is also good to put honey or sugar on it.

      So, I used the spices from the recipe above this one (parsley) and did the
      Mix flour and eggs and parsley and salt. Add water to get a good
      consistency (SEE NOTE). mix in the crab and make sure that it is well
      distributed. Your final viscosity should be near biscuit dough, but a
      little more wet. You should be able to spoon it out, but it should spread
      a little when you spoon it onto a parchment covered baking sheet. Then
      bake it for 22 minutes at 350F. We found (after arduous testing.
      horrible really.) that they were better with honey than with sugar.

      Here's the problem with crab in the US, either it's expensive as anything,
      super cheap (and mostly flavorless) or fake. The fake works fine, I added
      a little at the end. That's because the producer knows he has to convince
      people it's crab and so has a strong flavor. The expensive is great, but,
      well... expensive. The super cheap is almost flavorless when you drain
      it. So in the future I would either use half cheap and half fake crab, or
      crab meat to 2 eggs and enough flour to make the past seem right.

      Also, I don't know why, but throughout the Kuchenmeisterey "p" is
      substituted for "b." I'm beginning to take it all personally and think
      it's there soley for my annoyance, but that's rather arrogant, so I'll
      have to assume it's the lack of standardized spelling.

      Okay, before I start this one is odd. It starts out talking about game,
      but then all the instructions seem to apply to chicken and other birds.
      It still worked well with a red meat and quite frankly I wouldn't tend to
      use pepper sauce on bird, as it would destroy the subtlety of the flavor
      of the meat. Also, I have yet to see peppersauce used in the period
      corpus (at least that I can remember) on anything that wasn't a red meat.
      It's also part of the peppersauce recipe to have boiled the meat and use
      that broth in making the sauce.

      Item wiltu machen kuchlein von wilpret oder von anderem fleisch. Huner
      oder vogel dy bereit schon und seud es vor gar recht und thu es aus und
      hack auch das gar klein bereit es ab mit wurtzen und saltz. Stos in einem
      morser und slach ayer dorein nit zu dunne das es sich las zu kuchen
      machen. und pach es braun. das mag man aus einen pfefferlein essen oder
      sunft fur gebrates.

      VERY ROUGH (It was late and I needed to get cooking. this is barebones
      and I am a bit ashamed even to print it, but you all seem to enjoy getting
      the recipes):
      If you would make cakes from wild game (or venison) or from other flesh.
      Chicken or bird that has already been boiled and cut small, spiced and
      salted. Grind in a morter and stir eggs in not to thin to make the cakes.
      Bake it brown. one wants a peppersauce to eat or sunft?? for the roasts.

      So I boiled beef (no venison on hand) and used that to make a peppersauce
      from Sabina (I'll paste in Veloises' translation here, I didn't have time
      to check it, but I have before and my translation came out the same). I
      chopped up the beef, ground it and added parsley and sage (as many german
      recipes use sage as a spice to go with beef and venison) as well as salt.
      I tossed in an egg and had a nice mixture that just held itself together.
      I made patties and backen them until the meat browned a little (yes. it
      was already brown. that confused me too) about 15 minutes at 350F.

      The pepper sauce:
      NOTE: The bacon to which this recipe refers is UNCURED BACON. IT makes a
      huge difference in flavor. I didn't have rye and actually used
      breadcrumbs as there wasn't any bread in the house (a horror, I know).

      Make [the sauce] so: Take rye bread, cut off the hard crust and cut the
      bread into pieces, as thick as a finger and as long as the loaf of bread
      is. Brown it over the fire, until it begins to blacken on both sides. Put
      it right away into cold water. Do not allow it to remain long therein.
      After that put it into a kettle, pour into it the broth in which the game
      was boiled, strain it through a cloth, finely chop onions and bacon, let
      it cook together, do not put too little in the peppersauce, season it
      well, let it simmer and put vinegar into it, then you have a good

      cu drag,


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    • Lobsang Namhla
      ... Probably Old Bay seasoning. Comes in a yellow rectangle can. Spice of choice for all my Maryland friends. Really good added to spagetti sauce as well.
      Message 31 of 31 , Oct 1, 2002
        --- marshamclean@... wrote:
        > Mmm. I got crabs from Aed of Avigdor my first
        > Pennsic(Maryland crabs to eat, oh ye of the gutter).
        > Unforgettable. Learnt to eat a crab, the whole thing. Anyone
        > know what the spice powder he added might'a been? Good stuff!
        > Madinia

        Probably Old Bay seasoning. Comes in a yellow rectangle can.
        Spice of choice for all my Maryland friends. Really good added
        to spagetti sauce as well. Nice little Zing.


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