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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2002
      >Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 23:22:05 -0700
      >From: David Bodine <davesevilchocolates@...>
      > I am putting out this mail to those who either Spin or weave or who are
      > decidedly interested in the fiber and textile Arts (Sciences). I have
      > high quality looms, spinning wheels, materials and a great deal of
      > equipment and accessories that is to be offered for sale. I will list
      > more details after I have made a thorough inventory but will welcome
      > questions and offers in the mean time.
      > Some of this equipment will include:
      >1> An AVL brand 16 harness Dobby loom with automatic cloth advance, fly
      >shuttle equipment, warping box and many other accessories. Although this
      >is a very close to period item, it is, however, a cottage industry tool
      >and will be appropriately priced.
      >2> An upright style 2 harness tapestry loom with treadles and a
      >counterweighted beating arm
      >3> Two excellent quality spinning wheels with accessories for spinning
      >and plying
      >4> Warping wheels and warping boards
      >5> skein winders
      >6> miles and miles of assorted threads
      >7> pounds of wool, silk, and other fibers (some dyed and some natural)
      >8> Skeins of spun and dyed/un-dyed thread
      >9> Raw fiber tools, i.e. cards (old & new) an electric carding machine...
      >10> Dyes and Dying equipment (some professional dyes and chemicals too)
      >and many, many more things to be listed at a later date as I get through
      >the inventory.
      >If you have interest in any of these things and have specific questions
      >please email me directly
      ><mailto:davesevilchocolates@...>davesevilchocolates@... -please
      >use the words "Textile Equipment for Sale" in your subject line and I will
      >do my best to give you as much information as I can. I am a great
      >believer in the arts and sciences in the SCA so I wanted to get the word
      >out here first. Most of these tools and materials will be able to be used
      >for more authentic Garb and for creating entries for a variety of sciences
      >competitions. I, myself wear some of the hand woven fabric from the AVL
      >loom and it creates a great deal of response. The are remaining items
      >from my late mothers' estate, most of which I am familiar with and do not
      >use because my arts & sciences interests lie elsewhere.
      > If you have an interest in the kind of weaving you can do with the AVL
      > loom, please use your online service to go to
      > <http://www.complex-weavers.org>www.complex-weavers.org take your time
      > looking to find examples and get a good look at some of the stunning fabrics.
      > If I am contacted with serious interest I can provide photos of the
      > items for sale or we can arrange a personal inspection for you of the
      > larger items if you don't mind traveling to south San Jose. Some things
      > I will be able to bring to a limited number of events but I prefer that
      > those Items have offers already on the table.
      > For some of the materials, I will consider bartering
      >-Please, send questions if you need any information, wish to make offers
      >or have real interest in these sorts of things-
      > In service,
      >Lord William A. MacDougall
      >Lists Officer to the Province of the Southern Shores
      >Principality of the Mists
      >Kingdom of the West
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