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  • Gwendoline Rosamond
    Greetings, Forwarded from the Northshield & Royal Peers Lists. Even if this isn t your time period or country of choice - this is too valuable a resource to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2002

      Forwarded from the Northshield & Royal Peers Lists. Even if this isn't
      your time period or country of choice - this is too valuable a resource to
      lose. I'm filling out the form now...


      >>>Greetings Gentle Cousins:
      >>>The Baroness of Lyondemere (a Barony of Caid) reports on troubles in
      >>>Nottingham. Many of us in the SCA have visited and enjoyed this museum,
      >>>and it's a valuable resource. I thought perhaps I should bring its
      >>>plight to the attention of others in the Knowne Worlde.
      >>>Yours in needlework
      >>>++++Forwarded Message++++
      >>>I spent two wonderful days this May at the Nottingham
      >>>Museum of Costumes and Textiles. The curator was very
      >>>helpful, and let me make an appointment to see some of the
      >>>extraordinary blackwork in the Lord Middleton Collection
      >>>(pre-1600 stuff . Who knew from the pictures in Digby that
      >>>the blackwork was surrounded by all that whitework?). The
      >>>museum is on its way to being closed. The last day for
      >>>comment from the public on that proposal is July 31 of
      >>>this year. I am uncomfortable pleading for a cause here,
      >>>but who other than historical needleworkers would
      >>>understand the hole this leaves in the fabric of
      >>>accessible research sources?
      >>>The proposal that is being considered by the Nottingham
      >>>city council to close the museum is found at
      >>>www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/museums/forwardplan you can
      >>>fill in a form there, or write to any of the following:
      >>>John Jackson, Chief Executive, Nottingham City Council,
      >>>The Guildhall, South Sherwood Street, Nottingham NG1 48T
      >>>Michael Williams, Director of Leisure and Community
      >>>Services, Brian Ashley, Assistant Director, Libraries,
      >>>Information and Museums, Hilary Wade, Museums Service
      >>>Manager, all at 14 Hounds Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7BD
      >>>The Nottingham Evening Post is also asking for your views
      >>>letters&poems@... (and please
      >>>include your home address).
      >>>The proposal would put most of the costume and textile
      >>>collections in storage, outside the city center, with some
      >>>displays in the heritage sites, but the museum itself
      >>>would close, the row of buildings (Georgian, medieval and
      >>>Stuart) would be sold. The scattered collections would be
      >>>more difficult to access, being further from the rail link
      >>>(this museum is in walking distance of the train station
      >>>-- the others require a car). Nottingham would lose a
      >>>popular museum, with over 1 million visitors, though
      >>>without the volume of some of the other museums. It is
      >>>for specialists, and so is not quite the draw some others
      >>>might be. The 6 period rooms with displays of clothing in
      >>>context would be destroyed. The Regency room was
      >>>fascinating, too, though a bit late for the SCA folks.
      >>>The "almost Hardanger" piece from 16th c. Italy was a
      >>>small treasure. And the blackwork... oh, the blackwork
      >>>done by the ladies of the family of the first Lord
      >>>Middleton, obviously done in sunlight by skillful ladies
      >>>with young eyes.
      >>>I've already written an opinion, and filled out a survey.
      >>>I felt that those of you who plan to ever visit England,
      >>>and hope to see some of these treasures, should have the
      >>>opportunity to write as well.
      >>>Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles
      >>>Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid
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