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Re: [Authentic_SCA] period food help

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  • Heather Rose Jones
    At 6:53 PM -0700 7/26/02, Risa Strobel wrote: ... When I m taking food to an event at which I don t plan to cook, I generally aim for things that don t
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 29, 2002
      At 6:53 PM -0700 7/26/02, Risa Strobel wrote:
      >Since it's a little late to ask for food
      >suggestions for THIS event, i throw a general question out to the list:
      >What do you eat at events? my particular problem at this moment is what
      >to make for a packed lunch, but I'd like to expand the question. Bonus
      >points for easy to prepare and commonly avalible ingredients. I have
      >the kitchen of a poor college student. (Tiny and poorly equiped) More
      >bonus points for things that don't need to live in a cooler, and can be
      >cooked ahead of time.

      When I'm taking food to an event at which I don't plan to cook, I
      generally aim for things that don't necessarily need a cooler, just
      to simplify life. My basic-basic meal plan would be bread, cheese,
      fruit, and something to drink. This has the advantage that I can
      pick it up at the grocery, and yet it is consistent with simple
      "travel food" mentioned in medieval literature (i.e., the sort of
      thing a worker might carry to the fields). If I'm feeling more
      energetic I can get a _lot_ more elaborate than that, even when I'm
      bringing entirely prepared food. There are a lot of medieval recipes
      for things cooked in pastry that adapt well to individual-portion
      forms, and most of them are perfectly safe unrefrigerated for a
      one-day event (assuming you don't set them out uncovered in the
      sun!). It's hard to think of particular recipes to suggest because
      once I go beyond "bread and cheese" I tend to go all over the map in
      terms of cultures and time-periods and recipes.

      Heather Rose Jones
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