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  • Theresa Brooks
    OK :) Note I am not male, so I only know so much . Masonry is actually not religion. Religion is involved in Masonry but is not the focus. today, you must
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2002
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      OK :)
       Note I am not male, so I "only know so much". Masonry is actually not religion.
      Religion is involved in Masonry but "is not" the focus.
      today, you must believe in a higher power. It matters not what or whom, just that you believe in one. You need not be Christian, Jewish or of any other faith. Just a believer. They expect the men to be upstanding citizens and have a wish to aid there fellow man. The only men I know of who have not been excepted in have been Atheistic or broken mundane laws.
      Masonry in the United States has changed a bit over the years (thank goodness). It was at one point (thanks to founding fathers), that you had to be a man "free born". Fortunately, men realized how bigoted that statement was and it was removed from the rights. The Masons then finally started encouraging and supporting multi cultural and ethnic lodges.( Although some lodges still hold seriously bad ethics and will not recognize ethnic lodges, which means lodges with any clue will not recognize such a backward thinking lodge)
      The Masonic lodges are steeped in ritual. Many of them have been shortened because of time or not enough active members. To the best of my knowledge, the "signs" have not changed. Masonry being so ritualistic, everything has been passed down. One of the biggest troubles, was stated earlier by Istvan. Masonic information is pretty much supposed to be hush hush. This means that much of what you find is out illegally (against the Masonic oath) or false.
      As for time line, yes they say they come from a division of the Templars. They also say they can go back as far as King Solomon.
      Religion of the Masons is not the key note of this particular research. Mason's as a whole do not usually discuss such topics unless they are with a member of the same faith.
      These guys are looking for illuminated picture and or proof of historic Masonry.
      Hope that helps a bit :)
      Thanks for the email contact. I will pass it along to my husband this eve.

      Okay, let me preface this by saying that I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to
      matters of religion, so if I inadvertently offend, I apologize.

      So, what distinguishes a Mason?  And how do we know that those signs have
      remained unchanged over the centuries?

      You might want to write to Santiago (santiago@...) as he's done
      a lot of research into secret societies given the link between medieval magic
      and religion.


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