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technophobe Little Egyptian

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  • Melaena
    Thank you! Obviously other people are able to see this......... I still haven t been able to access it. Fortunately I know what it looks like! The headwrap is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2002
      Thank you!

      Obviously other people are able to see this......... I still haven't been
      able to access it. Fortunately I know what it looks like!

      The headwrap is the least authentic part of the outfit actually; not the
      wrap itself or the manner of wrapping, but the fact that it's cotton and I
      should have used linen......... =( But the shift is linen, all hand-sewn,
      and the blanket is wool.

      I can even document the stripey aspect of the blanket, and the silver hoop
      earrings! I think that is fun.

      I felt like a freak when I first started wearing this outfit to events. It
      was actually an interesting psychological problem: I felt like I was
      wandering around in my underwear (only an undertunic) and I felt really
      exposed. And I wondered if the Little Egyptians in period would have felt
      this way. And then I thought: probably not, because the women tended to
      travel in packs, and all the other women would be dressed the same way. So
      even though the women's LE costume from the 15th C (as my pic) is very
      unlike any European costume of the time, they wouldn't, I think, feel so
      much like freaks because there would have been so many of them all dressed
      the same way.

      ALSO they had a sort of belief system that non-Rom weren't important.
      ("Rom" means lit "The people") which I did not grow up with! Therefore I
      care *too much* what my European counterparts think! To be an authentic
      Little Eygptian anyway.

      For a while I tried to drum up other LE's to wander around with me, but
      people didn't seem as interested in authentic gypsy costume as Hollywood
      gypsy costume. In fact I was told that right out by one girl (she was quite
      young) at the last event I wore this at! I was introduced as "the lady who
      knows about gypsies" to a prospective gypsy. Who looked my outfit up and
      down and then said "Thanks, but I think I have more interest in being a
      Hollywood gypsy!"

      Oh well, you win some, you lose some! I took it with good grace. The look
      on her face as she comtemplated my outfit with horror was really quite
      funny. A ratty old blanket was *not* what she had in mind.


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      > Very cute! Love the headwrap, very well done.
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