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Re: Trying to start out...(not as long, I hope)

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  • Juliana Taper
    Thank you, Apollonia and Despina. I am an avid lurker on that list. That s how I got the packet from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22 6:37 PM
      <<there is a great email list, Slavic Interest Group>>

      Thank you, Apollonia and Despina. I am an avid lurker on that list. That's
      how I got the packet from Lord Mordak. Those folks are just plain scary
      with all they know! LOL

      Kat'ryna replied:

      <<Woo! I do 11th century Novgorod, so I can probably help out some - the
      basic garment is pretty much the same, so far as I know; there's just more
      variety in the overgarments. >>

      <<Are you going to make it to Pennsic? We could try to meet there and figure
      some stuff out for you. >>

      No, I'm afraid Pennsic isn't in the cards for me this year. So close and
      yet so far away. :: Mournful sigh::

      << If not, I only live over on the other side of the state, and maybe we can
      come up with something. >>

      How sweet of you to offer! I'm sure there will be some event where we can
      meet in the middle.

      And Madinia wrote:

      << (snippage) Authenticity in dress is not her focus, she dresses in first
      century SCA. There are several schools of thought, of which this list
      represents but one. We on the list strive to recreate at the highest level
      practicable. >>

      Nicely said!

      Thank you all again for so graciously sharing your knowledge and experience.

      Warm regards,

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