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Period music-Bardic and Performing Arts Collegium

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  • Trey Capnerhurst
    I think this is the time to plug the Bardic and Performing Arts Collegium yet again! Master Thorvald will be teaching several classes, including dance. I ve
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      I think this is the time to plug the Bardic and Performing Arts Collegium yet again!
      Master Thorvald will be teaching several classes, including dance.  I've left a copy of the classes and tutors in the 'Files' section, but I naturally will send it to anyone who asks.
      The Kingdom will be represented in the person of the Kingdom Bard of An Tir, who will be teaching four classes, and holding forums.  There will be a three hour class on med. and ren. music appreciation, Irish Poetry, all kinds of period documentation for die-hards, authentic middle eastern costume, and many master's workshops, ensembles, period instruments and music, including a performance feast by the very best.  There is nothing at all on filk.  Not a scrap.  At my insistence.  It all takes place in Avacal.  I was hoping to meet some of you here.  The Bardic Hostel registry is already underway, So you don't even have to worry about where you'll stay.  The only issue is just getting here.  We even serve lunch!
      Copy below.
      BTW If there are any Avacalians on this list, I would love to meet them!


      Bardic and Performing Arts Collegium

      September 28 and 29, 2002

      By the grace of their Excellencies Sidonia and Magnus of Borealis, and Their Highnesses University of Avacal, we present the Bardic and Performing Arts Collegium, held in Edmonton (the old Veraqulion). With four bardic streams, one dance and at least one general stream for the less bardicly inclined, the entire weekend, including feast, will cost under $25, so mark your calendars as one of the season's best bets!

      Features of this full weekend event include:

      merchant’s row

      Feast of Frolics, with a display of the finest in our land co-ordinating with the courses. The Feast itself will be a performance, with a feast booklet containing full documentation and recipes. Anyone who would like to perform at the Feast must let us know well in advance.

      A&S competition and display room, with a ‘bardic arts’ theme

      opening and closing performer’s parties and song swap

      library room - Those who wish to share their material may bring their books (with two lists of what they have brought) and leave them in the room. It will be set up all day on Sat. for perusal by the populace and there will be a guard on duty at all times.

      Bardic Watering Hole (suggestions for the name will be greatly appreciated), where Laurels and tutors will be waiting around to answer your questions about anything.

      To encourage our students, for those who have completed required courses, we have a Favor for beginner bardic arts from our Collegium, designed by a Herald, to take with them.

      Contact Bardocrat Treasach tuatha Kelle at traesach@... or phone (780) 477 2007.


      Some Class descriptions:

      *Intermediate Country Dance*, a selection of Playford dances of intermediate difficulty, handout. Suits those who have done some Playford dancing before.

      *Ballad Singing*, a selection of traditional ballads plus a bit of discussion on ballad style and sources, handout. Suits those with some bardic singing experience.

      *Bardic master class*, panel discussion on composing bardic songs, words, music, and both, with samples.

      Practicum class on *Sean Nos Irish traditional singing*.

      The *bardic tool box*; both description of basic references for writers and a hands-on demonstration of what they do.

      *How to do Bardic Books* - 1) How do you make your own bardic book: what to consider when compiling a song book, where to find songs and music, and a brief discussion of copy write (as I understand it). 2) This will be an explanation of what the Avacal Bards Book project is and where it's going. How were the songs in the book chosen? What other sections are in the works? Ending with a discussion of any changes or additions. For anyone who does not have a copy of the book one will be provided, free. There will also be a small handout provided free, as well.

      TUTOR BIOS: (so far)

      *Hector of the Black Height

      * was the first specific Bardic Arts Laurel made in the Middle Kingdom and was first and sixth Bard to the Court of the Principality of Ealdormere. His verse and prose have been reprinted widely and his music and spoken word recordings are in the process of being compiled. He sings, tells, recites verse and recites genealogy. He was also a co-autocrat of the 24th Pennsic War, Disaster Services Co-ordinator for Pennsic Wars 24-29 and a General of the Army of the Middle and Constable of Ealdormere at Pennsic 23.

      *Briana nic h'Eusaidh

      * is a sixth-century Irish fili. She sings, tell stories, writes and recites poetry, praise and satire, and plays the bodhran. her extensive repertoire of English and Irish folk songs, and their provenance has made her an accomplished competitor in An Tir's Bardic circuit. She has won Overall at Celtic Bardic, Amergin's Revenge, SeaLion War Bardic, and the Ermine Cross Bardic Tourney, and taken many prizes in individual performance categories. As an administrator to the Bardic Arts under the Minister of Arts and Sciences, she serves the Crown and populace as Kingdom Bard.

      *Thorvald Grimsson*

      (Icelandic chieftain) is a generalist Laurel from Avacal, leaning towards research, and with some practical skills in singing, composition, dancing, cooking, costuming, tentmaking, and the arts and sciences of combat archery.


      was trained as a professional coloratura soprano since she was 6 years old. She sings all the classical languages and has coached individuals and choirs from novice to advanced.

      *Allister Denton*

      has been juggling since he taught himself at the age of 12. He has been a professional conjurer since Spring 2001 performing all over western Canada and the U.S., including the Best Of The Street at Fringe 2001. He considers one of his best times to be his performance for the Prince and Princess of Avacal at the Bitter End during the Silver Arrow where he played a great card trick on their Highnesses, and had people throw battle axes at him.

      *Gabrielle Caterina Salviati

      * is a founding member of the Troubadour du Bois, the performers' guild for the Barony of Myrgan Wood. She has composed for the guild, specializing in recorder ensembles with the occasional violin or harpsichord thrown in for good measure. She's been a recorder player for the last 18 years (give or take). Mundanely Susan Redekop is studying for her ARTC in Music Theory with the Royal Conservatory of music.

      *Judith Harrison

      * has been a student of movement and body mechanics all her life. In her early twenties, she commenced studies with Honan Shaolin WuShu, a northern Chinese traditional martial arts school. She trained in both open hand, full contact and weapons forms for seven years. Ms. Harrison shifted her passion from martial arts to middle eastern dance due to injury and has trained continuously in this dance style since 1995. She strives to continually deepen her understanding of the historical and cultural aspects of this art form and shares this knowledge with students. Ms. Harrison takes private instruction continuously as well participates in as many workshops as possible, as well performs at weddings, restaurants and festivals.
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