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Looking for Gwendoline R.

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  • marshamclean@rogers.com
    Can you please contact me off-list? Thx, Madinia ... I ll certainly get you to give me a tour :) Practical Goose sounds wonderful (based on a quick web
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2002
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      Madinia wrote:
      > I'd certainly be happy to take you about, but I don't make a list and can't think of much off-hand.  You will enjoy Syke's Sutlering and the Practical Goose, the Guild of Limners, all the booksellers and Jewels by von Roessler.  He usually gets a large chunk of my budget.

      I'll certainly get you to give me a tour :)  Practical Goose sounds
      wonderful (based on a quick web search), and you're not wrong about
      Syke's either.

      > Here's my vague list (I find I don't *need* much lately.  What I desperately *want* and cannot have is another matter.

      I actually do "need" stuff, for values of "need" that mean "I am
      uncomfortable playing without this stuff".  Top of that list is some
      better eating implements and a replica stonewear jug.  Also high on the
      list, perhaps a little oddly, are buckets.

      > The latest Tudor Glitz and Beast comics. <mandatory the minute the merchants are allowed to sell>
      > Chocolate milk.

      Chocolate milk is right out for me.  Lactose issues, dontchaknow.



      Lady Katherine Rowberd (mka Kirrily "Skud" Robert)
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      Caldrithig, Skraeling Althing, Ealdormere
      "The rose is red, the leaves are grene, God save Elizabeth our Queene"

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